I had a serious relationship with my first bf.

I have loved him so much.

I agreed to have sex with him, it was my first.

We had 3years relationship, he had already introduce me to his parents, siblings, and friends. I visited my ex home when his parents tells me so by afternoon I go home and I don’t sleep in my ex house.

I have been a good girl, I don’t drink or smoke, I have respected his family and I have accepted their family status that they are poor (they told me) which is not the same with my family status.

His family was so good to me, every-time I visited my ex house his family members are complete and they always welcome me. My ex parents calls me from time to time ask me how was I doing with my school and my life.

I have help my ex with some of the expenses and papers requirements like resume and so on when my ex was applying for a new job, sometimes I pity him that’s why I have help him financially.

My ex had cheated on me with his co-worker, he newly met this girl just a month. The girl has already a boyfriend but she broke-up her boyfriend, just to be with my ex. They had sex. My ex never told me, the girl knew my ex has a girlfriend. But the girl still insist, she keeps on fighting with my ex to broke up with me. But my ex never broke up with me.

I have called my ex cellphone the girl picks up, makes a laugh and disrespecting me. The girl tells me that she is the girlfriend she hangs up and I called up again. I ask my ex he told me just his co-worker making a joke. So I still have believe in him. They go drinking at night with the girl.

3months later I called up my ex parents because I coundnt contact my ex anymore. My ex parents told me that the girls took my ex from their house and brought my ex to the girl’s house, they are live-in partners now because the girl got pregnant for 2months already. It really made me cry and it broke up my heart.

I have talk to my ex and he told me that there is nothing he can do, it had happed already. He told me that he would go with me but I have disagreed with him I can't introduce him to my parents. My ex said the he is sure that the baby is his but the girl he is not sure because they keep on fighting, the girl is impatient, irritable, and easily get jealous. At the end he still choose the girl.

After a month I have heard he was force to marry. Everything was so fast and everything was so hard to accept.

From our last sex, I got dirt from him. It made me cry so hard. I have already taken some antibiotics now. I have never told my dad about this because I know he will get angry and he can kill my ex. I don’t want a bigger trouble anymore. I want a peaceful life, but still it hurts a lot.

My ex family blamed me that it was my fault that I haven’t introduce my ex to my parents, they also told me that poor people are for poor people and rich people are for rich people, and lastly they told me I was the one who have no plans at all. I cried again everything was all negative feedback to me. It really hurts a lot.

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need help any advice from now.. I'm angry and I want revenge soon..
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now I tried being drunk.. I'm sad of what had happened.. is this a punishment from god?..

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The last time I have called up my ex father.

I told them that I'm alright (even I'm still in pain) and I'm not pregnant so that they won't worry about me.

Guess what his father told me? "We are so thankful you have move on!"

-its awful to hear feedback from his parents and I can feel rejection.. it upsets me..
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the same with the last contact with my ex parents

i told them I still have a problem. I have acquired a dirt from their son.

do you think they will get angry of what I have said to the parents?

do I have the right to inform them with my situation?
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