My boyfriend of almost a year dumped me for his female roommate, will he ever talk to me again? Advice please.

My boyfriend and I were going out for almost a year and our relationship was growing and getting stronger, we definitely had a strong connection. We didn't spend everyday together since I lived with my sister and wanted to spend time with her to to not make her feel isolated. My ex lives with two girls and I guess that was kind of hard for me to take at times and I did question him on it, but he always said that his roommates were only friends and nothing more. I am not a big party girl, but I still like to have fun, but he would never invite me to outings with his friends when drinking was involved. My biggest thing is that him living with girls, he sees them everyday and hangs out with them a lot. Even when I was around, we were always hanging out at his apartment with the roommates. Plus, his roommates never seemed to socialize with me when I was around or didn't give me the time of day. I began to notice that him and one of his roommates were texting and chatting a lot and that kind of made me question things. I questioned this and he said that nothing is going on, that his roommate was just bored and that she is just a "dumb" roommate. Our relationship still seemed to be going very good, he made a valentine's card with such promising words about our future together. All seemed to be going good. The last time that I stayed at his place, about a week and a half after Valentine's Day, he seemed crabby for some reason. Plus, when we got to his place, his roommate left right away. One of the first things he told me was that we needed to change his bed sheets? I wanted to see him again later that week but he has a friend's birthday party and then a bowling event the next night, but didn't ask if I wanted to go with or ever invite me. Things seemed good for a few days after that and then he suddenly becomes distant and says that he's just been stressed, busy and in a funk lately, he needs some space. I tried to talk to him a little bit during this time just to find out what was wrong, but he wouldn't respond. He then called me the day after our nine month anniversary saying that he just needed a break from our relationship right now, but that this wasn't forever and that he would call me in a few days so we could talk more, but he never did, he just needs some time and he promised me that their was not another girl. Two weeks later, he sends me a text, which wasn't intended for me and that's when I ask if we can talk. We ended up breaking up and his roommate and her boyfriend of two years, long distance, ended up breaking up too, coincidence? Two weeks after we broke up, he's already in a relationship with his roommate. One of the posts on FB says that this is "old news". I am completely heart-broken because I love him and miss him so much. I felt like our relationship was growing and suddenly all this happens. Was he cheating on me with his roommate? Did he ever care about me or just waiting for roommate to become single?
My boyfriend of almost a year dumped me for his female roommate, will he ever talk to me again? Advice please.
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