Why is he upset that I moved on so quickly after HE dumped Me?

He is 34 I'm 20. one night I asked my boyfriend to go out w/me. He said no he had to be up early & was going to be busy all day & told me to go have fun. I asked doing what. He said helping a friend move. I asked him who. He told me Leah. They had a history(while he was w/me). He tells me that he was going to tell me,he was just waiting for her to confirm. That he was going to ask if I wanted to go or he would cancel for me. I told him to f*ck it & have fun with her that I will have my fun tonight & he can have his 2morrow. He got angry. I said that I know he wants to screw her so 2morrow no guilt or anything he can screw whomever he wants & he said that is not what he meant/he didn't want that. I said I was going to have fun & don’t expect me to be faithful. He got upset said goodnight.I was faithful until I received his message at 1am that he doesn't want me to contact him and that we are not a couple. That I broke his heart & so on.He said Bye forever. I was so hurt, I felt horrible. I drank so much and was so vulnerable & in tears. At 5am I got w/this guy that I knew, he was comforting me throughout all of this,1 thing led 2 another. The next night my boyfriend message me and apologize. I told him what happened, that I pretty much moved on. He got really upset called me every name under the sun cussed me out. That I cheated on him and it took me 3 hours to get over him/move on, which really pissed him off. He said how can I hold, kiss, and look at you when you were with another guy, that I cheated on him. That we didn't break up for more than 3 hours & I already moved on. I told him that I didn't cheat because he ended it w/no hope. I moved on & wasn't going to mope around. He told me that he was the best thing that ever happened to me & that I won't be able to find someone better & that we would have been great together. I was the only one he wanted/wanted to be with. Tried to be respectful & a gentleman. How he should have just f*cked me when he had the chance. How he loved me & I didn't love him because I cheated/moved on. I couldn't wait a day.My ex also tells me that he was in Leah's bed and was going to sleep w/her & touched her.He was trying to be faithful in hopes that there will be an us again.I do not feel I did anything wrong. I told him it was a cause and effect.IMO when you say it is over it doesn't matter how long it takes to move on it’s not cheating. Why would he call me a cheater when he ended it? He sent this to me:I wanted you on every level.I felt that connection. I took every measure not to f*ck you because I wanted to be convinced you were it & I wanted you to feel the same.I decided you were not for me. I have nothing but regret for letting you in.I regret it all.I regret how long it's going to take for me to to get over you nothing you say will ever change my mind now and that sucks so much.God it sucks.The only peace for me.I know I will never feel this way again.

what do you all think about all of this? Was I wrong or was it him?
Why is he upset that I moved on so quickly after HE dumped Me?
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