Why Is My Cheating Ex boyfriend calling me?

It's been six months since the breakup and three months since I spoke with my ex-bf. We spent three years together and the last six months of the relationship he cheated on me and then lied about it.. Of course in the end I found out the truth but it hurt me very badly and it's taken months to get over it. I've talked to him twice since the break up but I found that I did not want to be in the "friend zone" with him, so I stopped all communication. That was four months ago.

Now he's broken up with the woman he cheated on me with and he's calling and texting me. I'm not sure what he wants. I think he thinks we can just pick up where we left off or be friends. I don't know what his motives are. He has called many times and I haven't answered. I need help on how to respond to him. I still love him but don't trust him. The cheating broke my heart, so I've have angry feelings about that. Should I tell him how I feel, not answer or answer and act like everything is fine.

I really need advice. Thanks
Why Is My Cheating Ex boyfriend calling me?
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