Is it normal to still miss my ex?

I used to be in a serious relationship with my ex, and we planned out our lives and everything. We got along so well and we couldn't see ourselves with other people. One day I discovered he was cheating on me, broke up with him and blocked him a few hours after that.

It's been 3 months and honestly, I've picked myself up so much, kept busy and just overall doing better. I thought I moved on but it was my birthday today and although I have such loving friends and family, I missed him incredibly.

Is this normal? Has anybody else felt this way before too/what helps?

I feel like this will all fade away the day I get into a RS with a better man - someone who will value me and never cheat on me. Meanwhile, I would really appreciate hearing about similar situations and just any tips to help me while I get through this?

Thanks :)
Is it normal to still miss my ex?
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