Is it bad to unblock an ex?

i know im not over him. i blocked him on everything to help me move on but it never worked. i thought i would just unblock him when i dont need the "barrier" anymore and when I've gotten over him. lately I've just been thinking about unblocking him. i do not plan on talking to him. would it make the process of moving on just worse? probably not. right
its okay to unblock him, as long as you dont do anything else
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dont unblock him yet
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1 y
omg one out of four voted "its okay" so i guess thats my sign
1 y
i unblocked him on everything. i felt better. i guess i was just bothered the whole time i blocked him because he didn't deserve to be blocked. not gonna reach out to him at all. i was the one who ended it even though i still loved him, he wanted to get back together so it got even harder, which is why i got to the point of blocking him. anyway thanks for those who actually helped :)
Is it bad to unblock an ex?
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