This chick broke us up for her self ego and my ex boyfriend has no idea? Will he ever realise his mistake?

So I dated this guy for 7-8 months and he really persuaded me to be with him for quite some time before. This other chick who has a track record of being a player (I don’t think he knows) was texting and talking to him, hanging out and also making sure he wasn’t giving attention to any other girls but also telling him she’s not interested in dating. He Wanted to date her but she stopped talking to him and asked him to move on. Once he did move in with me, she came right back into texting him and getting him to meet up with her. We are polar opposites in the sense she’s a huge extrovert and has a habit of crying about all her problems to one guy making him feel special and repeating it with others. She obviously couldn’t handle the fact that he moved on and kept texting him everyday. There was a point I was angry but trusted him and didn’t want to come off as controlling. We were still getting to know eachother and me being shy takes a while for me to open up (I mentioned this to him ). It was going well until he stopped talking to me as much and just when I was warming up to him and opening up more. I was going to leave to college and we talked about it and ok with ldr. The week before I left he told me he couldn’t be with me anymore but lied about the reason. I found out through mutuals friends and confronted him but realised I had to move on and told him we should never have dated and it’s over. A week after I left I see she calls him to her party ( she didn’t even care about him until I dated him). I didn’t know her true nature until recently, a few months after we broke up. She has no intentions of being with him other than getting attention. She makes sure he follows her around while also saying she won’t date him and tells everyone how he won’t leave her alone. I feel bad for him but also myself over the fact that I cried sooo much cause of this chick. I found out he blocked her recently and hopefully knows the truth. It’s either that or he loves her.
This chick broke us up for her self ego and my ex boyfriend has no idea? Will he ever realise his mistake?
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