Should I call my ex after 3 weeks of no contact?

It has been 3 weeks we have never spoken. He broke up with me because we fought a lot. We were friends and have mutual friends. I try to not to contact him and was just hoping that he would call but I have never heard from him since.

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  • My answer is yes , But only if you think about him then its no use just standing still and waiting for something to happen , but you should consider what you broke up for and if you understand his point of view and you are ready to work things out with him with less fighting/drama , that is a real turn off if its a permanent thing when you try to be with someone .


    hope that you will get over this situation soon one way or an other .

    • Update :

      I didn't see the other answer and that you already tried once to make up , maybe its better to wait as "question_girl223 wrote .

      My personal opinion is that you may want to try to move on if he does not have any intention (that you know of) to make up with you .

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  • Well, how long have you been going out for before the break up? If it was a long time, I'd say it's too soon. And if he isn't calling, he could still be upset or angry or whatever.

    • We were friends for 1 and a half years and in a relationship for just 5 months. Well if he isn't calling, I feel that he doesn't care but I don't know.

    • He might still be frustrated/upset and who knows. I say give it a bit more time and try talking later.

What Girls Said 2

  • it sucks... no don't contact him... he will contact you once he cools off and starts seeing the good side of your relationship. have patience

    • btw it also depends on other things. have you contacted him or said sorry even once... or written him a mail or done anything which shows that you tried to save the relationship. if you did then don't call him. if you didn't then you can call him once and try to reason ut things with him (but just once)

    • We were talking to each other after we broke up. We went to on the trip together. I said sorry and tried to fix the relationship but he didn't want it. After the trip, we don't contact each other anymore. He never calls.

    • all right then you should bot call him. you tried right? now he knows that ball is in his court. don't demean yourself. its not like you cheated on him and did something awful to him. I know you wil be sad but dob' will serve no purpose. I am telling you this out of experience.

  • be strong. don't contact him

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