Ex called me after 20 days of no contact?

ok...so my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me because of a few fights over stupid things...

he sounded pretty adamant on the breakup!

i tried to call him a few times but received cold response from him.

so I stopped calling. after 20 days of NC... he called me yesterday night... he didn't talk about patching up (neither did I )...but he talked very nicely to me... and we ended our convo in a nice note..

do you think he is interested? should I call him this night? please plz advice!


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  • if he called that means your still on his mind but I would wait for him to call you again. start off slow. they say when you start to date your ex you have to treat it likee a new relationship so ddont confess your undying love just yet. takee things slow and if before things get serious again then confront your issues before hand.


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  • hell yes call him. Make it work..be honest about everything and any secrets you ever had let them out..make him do the same, and then start fresh with a clean slate and do your best to make it work. Good Luck


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  • dont call

    it was harsh of him to treat you that way when you broke up...

    make his ass work for it! let him know he can't have you back so easily.. but still b sweet if you want him back :)

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