What signs tell your girlfriend a nymph?

My girl and I been together a little over 3months three weeks ago we somewhat broke up over my porn of my ex-girls that she wanted me to erase them I said I would if where together a year, but then later she said she will except that because they where before her. But its like I cheated on her. She went to work some guy gave her his number I guess she was calling the guy for a week, when the whole time she telling me she not getting dudes numbers or telling guys she single. But like I said she been talking to dude for she say 2 days ago but the cop said she been seeing dude for a week her friend said he ate her out and brought her clothes, so that Friday her and her friend hooked up with dude and his friend they went to his house to drink. Her friend said she got too drunk drunker then she has ever seen her get but he raped her and she was walking around with no panties or pants on his friend was playing with the p**** whole another guy came and said he will take care her and tried to make them stay the night. So of course I was called to come captain save the girl. She has lie about most of the stuff blamed it on me said I didn't really love her but she swear she loves me and said she didn't know she was going to get rape, but my thing well she learn from this cause I wouldn't even known if he didn't rape her.


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  • Huh? Are you really between 36 and 45? This sounds like a much younger guy.

  • DUDE. WHY DO You HAVE EX GIRLFREIND PORN. you shoulda erased it a long ass time ago if you cared for her. I'm sure you would mind if she had it. but she proabbly doesn't that's why you don't care. I don't know how serious she is about you . but if my boyfriend was acting life that . not letting go of the past. then I would totally liek dump his ass (not go to her extreme) but I'm sure I would feel bad enough to do crazy stuff.

    erase it and make sure she feels like shit for what she did.


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