My ex started watching my Snapchat stories again?

We were friends before dating. We only dated for 3 months and broke up in the beg of July. We had agreed to stay friends if we broke up (we said this when we first started dating)

I wanna say that we never had. He was sexually assaulted as a child for years and had trouble with anything past kissing. (Which was fine with me). He was in therapy for it (not sure if he still is). He was diagnosed with depression and has no self worth. He broke up with me several times and then changed his mind right after. We’d literally only be broken up for like an hour or less. BUT, the last time he broke up with me, I asked if he was sure and that there’d be no going back. He was sure and we broke up. He kept trying to talk to me after but I stopped replying and ghosted him. 2 days later he replied to a selfie I posted on Snapchat saying he has a fever. I left him on “opened” (I was trying to move on here) he kept watching my Snapchat stories for about 2 weeks after the breakup and then he stopped completely.

It’s almost September. And he recently started watching my stories again. Does this mean he’s moved on? Like, would it be a good time to reach out and ask if we can be friends again? I’ve moved on. But I do miss being friends with him.
My ex started watching my Snapchat stories again?
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