I had sex with my guy friend, but there is a twist involved. Any idea where our friendship stands?

Ironically, I met this guy who was going through a lot with his ex. Whenever I met him, he had a girlfriend. I totally respected that. I saw friendship in my eyes. He wasn't typically my type, so it was fine. Over time, he was there through my weird dates I've had. My little heartbreaks I've had, etc. It was crazy. I ended up being there for his breakup. Let him be and grow. I told him how I mentioned I was there for him. A call away. A typical good friend of mine.
A few days ago, I was on Snapchat. An app where you take pictures of yourself. Any time of the day. That was what I was doing. I was sending him pictures of myself, and I ended up putting this quote on my Snapchat story. Where everyone of your friends can see. It was talking about cuddling. My friend left a note about it. We talked about watching a movie, cuddling, whatever.
He came through. We were goofing off during the WHOLE MOVIE.
He was kissing my cheek continuously. It was all just cute. He started tickling me during the movie where I was about to fall off the couch, and he was all "I got you! You can't move away from me." Movie starts to end. I roll facing him. He was giving me kisses on the cheek. Well, we.. actually kissed. Lead to making out. Once sex was about to happen, he did ask me if I was comfortable and okay. After sex, I dressed. Went to lay on the couch. He put his hand on my back, wanted to kiss me again. I ended up walking him out to his car. Hugged goodbye. He gave me a kiss on the cheek..

To end this, we never even talked about sex in general. We haven't mentioned it. Still haven't talked about it, but he's still talking to me.. THIS IS THE WTWIST. When he was flirting with me, so excited to see me. To have him in his arms. He started mentioning how he wants to wake up next to me every morning, snuggle with me. Having a match key to my APARTMENT. LOL.

How do I feel? I don't know.. CONFUSED. Reason why I'm riding this out.
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He mentioned about us going somewhere together right after this all happened.. Etc.
I had sex with my guy friend, but there is a twist involved. Any idea where our friendship stands?
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