Why would a woman be angry if she broke up with me because “she needed me to be better” and I found someone else and she’s jealous. Why?


So. Pretty much I have been tired of her nagging. Trying to control my life. She initiated this break up by the way. She was very one sided. She needed all her needs and wants met but did not care anything about mine. She would constantly text me waking me up at 2 in the morning after I told her to only do that if it’s important I have to work.

Would get angry if I didn’t respond too.

So finally. It was some argument over something kind of petty. She said it’s over. You can’t do this for me. I’m leaving. Kind of went over how she needed me to be better and how I was just a total waste of her life. Nasty stuff.

So. She’s kinds been posting all these photos with other guys and stuff on Facebook. I unfollowed her but not blocked her. Because I didn’t care and I didn’t want to see it. I was upset over this break up.

A few times she would reach out to me. I would respond and we would talk a little. Well. She’s wanting to know. She is willing to try again and how she’s willing to give me another chance.

Well…. I have a new girlfriend. At the time I didn’t want to tell anyone. But she’s much better to me then she ever was. I can make her happy!!! And she can make me happy. Which was not the case with her. I could seldom make her happy and she seldom made me happy.

She got SO angry when I told her I was seeing someone else and who it was. She was asking me HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? And all this other stuff. Like I cheated on her. I said. Because you broke up with me. I moved on. We still talked a little. Because she was better then my girlfriend before that.

But she kept saying how could you do this. I thought you loved me. I thought you would change. I thought you would be better for me. Which I said. I tried. But I couldn’t make her happy.

She’s just jealous because I found a girl better then herself. After she kept acting like she’s moved on I figured she was based off her Facebook and instagram. Posting photos of dates

6 mo
I would say my ex is pretty average looking. She’s really pretty when she really fixes herself up. My new girlfriend is a easy 9 on a bad day. She’s really sweet. She gets me gifts. Not only just giving her gifts. She loves affection giving and receiving. She’s also there for me when I had a bad day. I can be vulnerable around her.

My ex was even more upset when she found who it was. Because everyone knows she’s a wonderful person. She’s even more amazing when you get to know her.

6 mo
My ex is a nice person don’t get me wrong. But she doesn’t compare
Why would a woman be angry if she broke up with me because “she needed me to be better” and I found someone else and she’s jealous. Why?
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