Was I being bitter to talk to my ex like this?


I've not seen my ex for 4 years but he was my first love and first and only heart break.

He's constantly go hot and cold on me. One minute he wanted me the next he didn't. He's always cared more about looking cool in front of his friends by drinking and hitting on other girls.

The amount of times he failed me and I took him back I blame myself for that one. He made me learn so much about myself and want I truly wanted in life in the end by how badly he treated me.

I ended up taking his job and he got made redundant which was very sad but also karma and I'd moved on by then and found the love of my life whom I'm still with today. He also never said goodbye to me and whenever I saw him in street he'd pretend he hadn't saw me and told people I was crazy and we were never a thing.

4 years on I'm helping out on a event at work and who do I bump into my ex.

We had to work together with his team to set some stuff up. I just pretend I didn't know him like he done to me all these years.

All his staff were giggling to themselves which made me even more mad about having to work with him but I stayed professional. I said to me "you can't hear what they are saying can you" I said "no".

Later on in the evening he confessed his love for me and said he'd never stopped loving me and that he always thought I was so beautiful and if I'd be interested in taking him back.

I snapped at him right there and said "Jordan do you really think my self esteem is still that low but I'd ever take someone like you ever back into my life. I've moved on and I'm with a real man now. I gave you so many chances and you were the one who made me out to be crazy and said you weren't interested in me so fuck you".

Honestly it felt good saying that, his face looked completely shocked. He chased me down and asked me to talk to him about it and said he was immature back then. I told him he should have spoken to me about it 4 years ago.

Was I being bitter to talk to my ex like this?
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