Why do my thoughts often go back to my ex even when I thought I was over him?


He was a rare person, he was talented, strong-willed, sophisticated, ambitious, powerful, stable with a very strong sense of discipline and an excellent strategist. I always thought in the previous life (if one exists) he was probably a king or something. One of the reasons I always believed he would never cheat me was that I trusted he was a very special person and he was, he never cheated.

I always thought men like him are born to create something amazing, he also thought so about me in the beginning and was disappointed that I allowed our love to make me less ambitious and weaker.

He used to tell me I set a high bar for him for what he’d expect from a relationship and he waited for me loyally when we were in a long distance. I thought I was really special and as irreplaceable as he was for me.

When we broke up, he called me 4 months later. Told me he met someone and it was important for me to know it because he knew I waited for him and he wanted me to move on with my life too, he said he met someone 2 months earlier before he called me and was in a relationship with her and that he fell for her. I would never imagine, our story would have such ending and that he would manage to replace me so soon.

That call was unbelievable and I found it hard accept it because we were planning to get married and for the last time, he had proposed me in August, 3 weeks prior our break up and then he met someone new in 2 months and have been together with her for 8 months already.

I know he doesn’t owe me anything and it’s his life and I want him to be happy. But why do I sometimes still feel hurt and why do these dreams keep coming back every-time I feel like I moved on? Or every time I feel a bit sad or lonely?

I might cringe when I read this post in the evening but I feel like this right now and wanted to share it.

Why do my thoughts often go back to my ex even when I thought I was over him?
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