What does it mean if a guy mentions his ex?

Ok so I've been talking to my guy friend for a month now. He walks me to class everyday, texts or calls every couple days, and we're really close and flirty (im pretty sure he'll be asking me out in the near future). OK so yesterday, he asked me to go to his cross country meet so I did, but while we're hanging out there, his ex-gf shows up (she and I used to be close friends but she transfered schools) and he kept talking about her...like (sarcastically) "oh look it's my favorite ex-gf" or "ha she saw me walking over there and just left"...and part of me thinks he was just trying to brush it off and diffuse any tension there might have been but I don't know. When he mentions her, it makes me feel like he's comparing or would rather be with her...guys why would you mention your ex to a girl you're talking to? what does it mean?

(If you need/want more info, just ask)


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  • Yeah I think he has some feelings for her, and was trying to defuse the tension in the air, so he made a joke. I would just ignore the ex comments or if it continues maybe talk to him about. Overall I wouldn't be to worried. Best of luck and make sure to leave updates if anything happens !

    • lol I will...i mean it makes sense that there would be some lingering feelings because they lost their virginity together...I just don't want their history to ruin what we have

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  • cant help you soon as I dump my first girlfriend and never talk to her again or mention her name, we called her "it" if it came into convocation. I wouldn't worry about, he will always have memories of them together but he'll make new and better ones with you.

  • He was trying to relieve some tension, this of course depending on how long ago they broke up and HOW they broke up.

    • I don't know, like 7-8 months ago and she broke up with him I believe but they'd been rocky for a while so it wasn't a huge blow. He actually called me that night...but they'd been together for over 2 years...we were friends throughout

    • she broke up with him because she was flirting around with other guys and got tired of being tied down...basically she was bored...

    • There's a chance he may not have completely come to terms with it if that's what happened. Some people take longer than others for break-ups.

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  • It means he still has feelings for her if it is all the time will not be a good relationship if he is doing that

    • he deffinately doesn't all the time...that was the first time (at least that I remember)...I guess I'm kind of hoping that he only did because she was there (and she usually isn't around) and we were basically on a "date"...?

    • o OK maybe it was a bad break up and he's trying to get those feelings out so maybe try to talk to him ok

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