Do you guys ever feel guilty or regret being a jerk (especially at the end) to an ex?

I was nothing but fun and cute and adored him. He is dating someone else now, yet still led me on. In the end he was a jerk. Do guys ever feel any sense of remorse in doing that? Any guilt? Or are you desensitized and are just jerks if you don't get what you want? He led me on, I fell in love and he left me high and dry without a word, I need closure!


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  • First, don't generalize all guys. You ran into someone that maybe wanted some sex, it happens. You just have to move on. And yes, some guys don't have remorse when it comes to leading women on.

    • I don't mean to say all are this way. That's why I am asking. I want to know if there is any likelyhood of him feeling bad, I'd feel better knowing he has a heart in there somewhere. If he doesn't, do you think he has one with the new gf? I figure if he has it in him to be so cruel and heartless, then he has it in him to be that way to her someday too. I personally couldn't be that way to anyone. It shows in ALL of my relationships of any kind. Wouldn't it show up in his?

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    • He dated others during this time. That second night is when I told him of not wanting to share. It was 2 and a half months later that he met uop with her. He broke up with the one month gilr before her because she wouldn't put out. He was tired of waiting. So you see, I really think he is just interested in regular sex. I live an hour and 15 minutes from him, she is a half hour away. EASY sex. He must not want to bite the hand that feeds him right now. How important is sex to a guy anyway?

    • It's important to me too, but I need to know he is doing it because he is into me, not just wants to 'get' into me. When I feel it is safe, that he IS into me, then look out! He wasn't willing to find out I guess. Seriously though...could timing have something to do with where he is in his life right now or am I just S.O.L.?

  • I believe you are right, timing is everything. Just because she was there for him doesn't mean they are right for each other. If he wants to be with her right now, try to remain friends if he wants too. You never know what the future holds. I'm gonna tell you this, I was with my ex girlfriend for a few years and I met a latina at work and asked her out. We went out and grew emotional attached to each other and I thought wanted to be with her instead of my girl. After a long while I realized that she wasn't for me and begged me ex to stay with me. I really thought the latina was for me and I was ready to be with her aNd leave my ex. My point is just because he might be with her now doesn't mean they are made for each for the long hall. Put it out there and be patient. I take back what I said before, I now think he does love you. You may not get what you want right now, but that doesn't mean you want get what you want later.

    • Just got the whole story. Tell him that you wanna know he's into you through his actions and not with words or sex. Let him know how you feel.

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    • ...and it wouldn't be cool to bring this to work. All I know is that iot has been this long and I cannot let him go. I know I love him. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. Displaying tough love. I have read that no contact sometimes, most times, regains your control of the situation. The element you need to get attraction back. True?

    • Curious... what made you change your mind and take back what you said? "I take back what I said before, I now think he does love you."

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