I think he knows I cheated... but I'm not ready to tell him

I want to find out if he knows or not... how can I know if he knows?

I am not ready to tell him yet.


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  • suck it up and tell him..


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  • You made a mistake. Or maybe you didn't. But either way, you cheated. Own up, and tell him. You would want the same, would you not?

    • I will own up.. soon but I want to know if he knows before I do... maybe I will ask "do you trust me?" and see how he reacts...

    • it'll be funny if he figures and then goes f*** the hottest chick he can find.

    • On another note, secrets like that never stay secret forever. Would you rather he finds out from you or someone else?

  • Do him a favor, stop wasting this guys' time.

    • I wish it was that easy but I love him and not to down play the cheating , but it is a big deal, but it was a year ago when we were "dating" but basically friends with benefits... I know he would still be really upset...

    • So you basically wasted a year of his time, unbelievable.

    • That isn't cheating then

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  • Usually, people know! or at least suspect. He knows you prety well and can probably read your mood better than you might think.

    If this was back when you were just casually dating, why tell him at all? It doesn't figure into your current relationship. Spare him the pain of it and just go forward.

    • it was when we were casually dating, I am not sure I'm going to tell him... I just want to know if he knows... wouldn't he say something though? why would he hold it in? maybe so he can use it so he can cheat and be even..

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