Is it better to not tell my boyfriend that I cheated on him?

I know i did bad, feel free to call me names. So yesterday there was a big party, and my boyfriend didn't want to go because he had a bad headache, so i told him i won't go either but then my friends talked me into going. So i went to the party and my ex that i used to date like 2 years ago was there, and well we all drank a lot, i normally dont drink, but i was just hammered, and i didn't want my boyfriend to see my like this, so my ex offered me that i can stay at his place overnight. But he only has 1 bed and doesn't even have a couch so he said i will have to sleep with him in the bed, normally of course i would tell him nice try or something but i was so drunk i just wanted to lie somewhere and he promised he wouldn't try anything. Well... one thing lead to another and we had sex. I feel terrible about what i did, and of course the second i left my exes house i was going to confess to my boyfriend because i felt super guilty, but then i tought about this.

Could it be better to just not tell him ever, to spare him the pain?

My boyfriend always hated my ex because he always writes on my facebook and instagram and everything, and he was always super scared that i would cheat on him with my ex or that i would leave him for my ex, and i always promised to him that i would never cheat, and especially not with my exboyfriend because he really isn't boyfriend material, he is a selfish jerk. I know that my boyfriend deserves to know but it will hurt him so much, and i dont want to hurt him, i love him and i care about him a lot, he means so much to me, i want him to be happy and to be able to trust me. So i tought i could just say stayed overnight at one of my friends house. What do you guys think? i know he deserves to know, but is the pain really worth it? i dont want him to think im some kind of cheating slut, i want him to be happy
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Thank you all for your answer, the nice ones, and also the lees nice ones. I have decided that i won't tell my boyfriend about this ever and just take the secret with me to the grave. My ex doesn't even remember the night so there is no danger of him telling and if he remembers and tells i just say he is lying, he lied about it before so its belivable, and my girlfriends would cover up for me with a belivable backstory of where i was.
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My boyfriend is a very nice guy and i want to stay with him, he doesn't deserve to get hurt like this, he needs and deserves a good and faithful girlfriend, and thats what im and will always be for him
Is it better to not tell my boyfriend that I cheated on him?
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