My girlfriend left me, and is going to marry another guy.

My girlfriend left me and is going to marry another guy. Her reasons for a that were: I didn't proceed or develop our relationship (but the moment I wanted to proceed I felt that she was a bit cold with me, and I decided do delay that conversation); and that she wants to have a family and kids now, and when she asked me about my plans on starting a family I responded that I was not ready yet. (To me family is a tough question because I didn't have a father while growing up and I prefer to think thoroughly regarding the family, I want my kids to grow in a full family with both parents). I am 26 and she is 27, and as she said it is the perfect time for her to start a family and she doesn't want to wait any longer. After 2 and a half months of dating she went on vacation where she met another guy who kept calling her. but after that vacation I wanted to move out relationship further, but after she heard that I am Taurus she became upset (she is Taurus as well) and I decided to delay the talk regarding our relationship as it was not official before. But after that she wasn’t the same as before. she acted more as a friend. And we continued to "date" for another another 2 months and three week ago she told me that she is getting married to that guy. She not only told me about her plans about the marriage. but she did a chat with him with me hearing all that. Which drove me crazy, but I kept cool and didn't show my anger. She asked me if we would stay friends, and that she enjoys my company. But later the same day she called me to get a consultation regarding her PC and we did chat, and I guess that she realized how I felt at that moment.

During our dating we didn’t have any kind of difficulties, frictions or anything negative between us. I don’t understand why it did happen. I did try to get my focus away from her, but I still have strong feelings about her. Was it my fault, what caused that? I think that if we just broke up, then it wouldn’t have been a problem to get together again, but marriage with a guy whom she knows only 2 months (or 1 month and 3 weeks to be precise). What do I do? What should I think of that? I dated girls before, but it has never been like it, I’ve never felt it as strong as this time.

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Thanks for your answers, it is very encouraging.
My girlfriend left me, and is going to marry another guy.
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