I broke her heart, Now I want her back. What should I do?

Hello everyone, my name its Fabian , I'm 26 years old and I'm from argentina! I'm pretty sure all topic in this website are allmost the same, even tho I think my story its different, I know that in the end, we all do the same mistakes , and we all end up feeling the same.

My story : I met this girl a year and 7 months ago, We been together a year and 5 months, we were really in love, she loved me with all her heart so do I.

We met when I was in another break up , and even if for me she saved me from that, She's the one who is thankfull to me, because she thought that she would never feel that feeling of loving someone again.

Everything in our relationship was great! We spend all the time we could together.

We were getting marry this year, and we had everything plan out perfectly.

But, 3 months ago, I met one of her friends friend, and We clicked, so I added her on Facebook and we started to talk on Facebook, I never went out with her or anything we just talked over the internet.

2 months ago, I wasn't sure what I was feeling for her, because it just felt good to talk to someone else. So I started to treat my girlfriend with less concern, and we fought so I decide since I wasn't sure about my feeling, I could had some time alone..

Even tho we broke up, I didn't met the girl or went out with someone or anything like that.

about a month ago, I realize that the one I love it's my ex, but when I came back, she told me she moved on, and she didn't want to have anything with me anymore. We still talk but only for work only..

She gives me mixes signal, like she kept some pictures that has to do with me in her Facebook, she kept the cellphone I gave her even tho she has another number now, she uses the 2 phones, even tho I know that on the cellphone I gave her, I'm the only one reaching for her. She even told her employee that is my friend that she misses going out to eat with me and stuff...

I really don't know what to do! Should I keep doing Limited Contact with her? and wait for her to decide?

Please help me, I know I broke her heart when I left her, she told me She can't trust me anymore.

I still really want our future plans, I'm going insane..

Been 2 months allready, I'm scare that she moves on with someone else! it hurt knowing she goes out with someone else just you know to grab a cup of coffee, But I don't mind, I don't even talk to her about that.

I know and I feel she still loves me, I know she's hurt and scare.

But if she only knew how much pain I'm going trought and that I learned from my mistakes.

I pray everyday to god to help me, I try my best to keep it calm and keep my feelings calm!

But I love her with all my heart, no matter what happends I won't give up on us! I'll do anything to see that smile everyday I wake up once again! no matter how much time it takes! Just need some tips!

Any help would be great!

Thanks for your time.

I really appreciated.


P.S: she says that she doesn't want me back because I didn't appreciated her!
I broke her heart, Now I want her back. What should I do?
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