My crush likes another girl, how can I get over him?

This guy used to hit o me all the time, and at one point, I just wanted to have fun and we hooked up. We started getting along really well and he was really charming, but he has a bit of a reputation so I knew a relationship was out of the question. We kept hooking up, though. Sadly, the heart wants what the heart wants and I developed a crush on him.

Recently he started treating me more like just a buddy, and he was more distant and last night I found out through another friend that he likes someone else.

The thing is, I feel pathetic and stupid and I know it's all my fault, I mean, no one forced me to sleep with him. And even though rationally I know he's not the right guy for me, I still dwell on this, I'd been feeling blue about his becoming distant and now I know why... I also know the girl he's into, and she's the sweet girl next door type that any guy would want as a girlfriend: she's beautiful, smart, very feminine in a princess-like way, charming, cute, innocent...

I feel like a cheap whore (again, I know this is my fault), like I can't compete with her. So I give up. And even though I don't sleep around and this guy has been my only real friend with benefits, I feel like I was just a notch on his bedpost, not special, etc... I'm also not beautiful like her, I get a lot of attention from guys who tell me I'm hot (I don't think I'm hot either) but it's all shallow, cheap, and it could be me or any other girl, I'm just not special! And I'm smart, but I'm not all "princessy" I'm more like one of the guys... I'm not delicate or innocent... you get the picture.

I've always had problems with self esteem due to this, because my only ex boyfriend was abusive and didn't respect me, and all guys I've ever truly liked never liked me back, and the ones that show attention are always just after sex and nothing else. I feel worthless.

How can I get over this current crush (I see him and the other girl weekly) and gain some self esteem?
My crush likes another girl, how can I get over him?
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