Why are men such cowards regarding breaking up?

Why do men become such cowards about breaking up? Do they really think treating someone poorly or ignoring them is the best option? You only lead the person to hate you. Why are some men unable to step up, grow a pair and end what they started.

If a man doesn't have the balls to end a relationship he definitely isn't man enough to be begin one or be in one. Something all men should think about.


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  • Probably because many are expecting drama that may or may not happen and they may or may not be prepared for.

    Now, if it's not working, and it's really unhealthy and can't be resolved, then I'd break up with the woman. Now, how I'd do it would depend on how concerned I am about her reactions. If she's becoming creepy, then I'd have to handle it differently; though I think it'd be done in most cases in private, in person, and not over text. That's just not cool. There are certain circumstances where you delay it; sometimes it has to do with decency and tact.

    "Oh, your mom and dad died in a horrible way, and you JUST found out? Speaking of not seeing loved ones for a while..."


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  • Probably because they've seen enough drama in other people's break ups that they prefer to avoid it entirely.

  • yeah, that's right, hate on all men. that will make you feel better. all men are the same manwhores and all women are the same sluts. I don't know if you're just angry/frustrated or just need to grow up. women are people. men are people. lumping people into an "either this or either that" category is ignorant. it's the same as being racist. it's being sexist. same principle.

    i could go on and on about "why do all girls do 'this' and do 'that'" guess what, if I played into the same game I would be just as ignorant.

    guess what? I've been predominantly broken up via text message. even a 5yr long relationship that was an engagement! I could say why are all girls so cowardly they break up over text? I don't say that because you know what? I'm mature

    and if you are too you will realize it is immaturity and not simply be pissed off by what I've said

  • Well when it comes to breaking up, many guys are just unsure or confused about what to do. This is what leads to total silence.

    I agree with you though, it's not the best way.


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  • It isn't just men, women do this as well. Face it, it isn't easy to tell someone news they are not going to want to hear. I have a female friend who told me once that she would just get super flaky on a guy because she cannot break up. I had a guy do this to me, it was so weird. He got flaky, I got mad and I broke up with him. Hey, personally I am good at breaking up because I hate being treated poorly and I get real angry when it happens, so I am perfectly equipped for ending relationships. However, most people are not.

    Oh, and sorry to see this post. I know this is not about a theoretical deal or life in general. Break ups are a bitch, no matter how they come about.