Help! My crush is moving away SOON & I've crazily decided to go for it. What should I do?

I'm sure this must be 'The last chance syndrome' because in other circumstances I don't think I will be feeling this way, it doesn't make sense (that’s why it is crazy) but whatever it is, I feel this way and can't do anything about it.

I went to high school & college with him, he is an ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago but we have remained close friends and we've always been in the same circle of friends. Nothing has happened in those 5 years between us except innocent & not real flirting, but everybody always nags us even though each has gone their own way regarding relationships...

Since our story has been so long, weird and, in times, turbulent and full of drama (long story, don't wanna annoy you with it), I didn't know if it was a good idea to say or do anything but I feel that if I don't I will regret and have a huge WHAT IF in my head, this is it...

So after thinking about it A LOT I've decided to go for it, despite some people think I shouldn't, the worst that could happen is to be rejected & to get him mad at me, but I don't think the friendship will be lost. Eventually it will get to its "normal" state again, as it always does... :)

Now, I need your help & opinion! What should I do? Tell him something, do something, being direct, being discrete? Any ideas?

The thing is I dontk know how to approach without freaking him out, since I'm known for been really shy & haven't given him any noticeable hints...


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  • The only thing you can do is confess your feelings for him and see how he reacts. It is your "last chance", so you might as well be direct about everything you are feeling.

    If he's moving away, what do you really think his answer is going to be? A long distance relationship would take some SERIOUS trust and dedication.

    • We are both in Venezuela rigth now. He is moving away for 6 months with plans of finding a full time job and staying in California. I am also moving, but to Miami. I'm not planing to have a long distance relationship, but if things went well, we could work something out... I don't know, the above comment made me re-think about it, maybe it is a bad idea...

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  • He's leaving, there's nothing you can do except cut your losses and find another guy. The more you commit yourself to this unattainable fantasy, the harder it will be to cope with the pain. Don't say a word and move on.


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