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Should I just move on from my crush who hasn't made a move in a year?

I got to know from mutual friends that he's interested in me and he left a confession for me on social media as well which one of my friends shared with me but he never asked me out directly. It's been a year since all this happened and he graduated (he was my senior) and left college so should I just forget about him and move on now? I haven't see him since then.
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I didn't think this was imp enough to mention in the details but I did see him 6 months ago only for like 10 sec maybe. I was in my department to pay my fee with my friends and I was in a hurry so I saw him coming in our department he was with a friend and I don't know what he was doing there (the college was closed due to Corona and he had already graduated long ago). We did have eye contact and he quickly looked away after a few seconds that's what he usually did before too.
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He was just hanging outside the department entrance then for no reason. But I had left. Anyways I know that would have been a great opportunity to talk to him but I guess I was just pissed off that he didn't make any direct move during those months. Also, I was naturally unsure if he felt the same way for me as before.

Anyways one of my friends knows him so she was like what is he doing here.
Should I just move on from my crush who hasn't made a move in a year?
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