Should I delete her as a friend on Facebook?

Nearly a year ago, this girl who I used to work with had a crush on me. Although shy, I did my best to accept her, and everything seemed to be building up with her and I. When my company cut back, I was let go, unfortunately (found a new job though, so things are going well in that regard). Anyways, she added me as a friend on Facebook, and we communicated like 3x week. We planned a date, but due to a stupid meeting with my new job that I was required to attend, I had to cancel. I apologized to her, and told her why in advance. She said it was okay, but really wanted to go out with me. However, she seemed to get kinda distant afterward. Instead of being usually available, we wouldn't talk for like a week. I did eventually go out with her, and after it, she kept telling me she loved it and wanted to go out with me again. After the date though, she was like never available, or rarely, if ever returned my messages. I tried to contact her several weeks later, finally got a hold of her, and she chatted a little, but then signed off of IM on me. It was then it seemed like it was me initiating conversations with her more and more, until I finally decided the ball was in her court-I wouldn't talk to her anymore unless she stared first. That was several months ago, and she hasn't started any conversation with me.

I take it she lost interest in me, and I have tried to move on. I've deleted her phone number from my contacts list, and removed any photo of her and I together from my house, etc. But its really tearing me up knowing she's online and updating her profile with new pics and stuff. So I have contemplated deleting her as a friend. Thus, I need your help:

Option a) I delete her, since I won't have to worry about seeing her updates or thinking of her, thus help me move on.

Option b) Since we didn't really break up, she might still view me as a "friend." If I delete, I might upset her.

Please vote, or provide some input. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it
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+1 y
This is the fun part. About a month ago, she finally talks to me. Too bad I now have a real girlfriend, one that respects me and is just so sweet. I kept everything toned down, and made no attempt to show any more interest in her.
+1 y
I later deleted her from my friends list. Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate it. I guess my heart is almost healed; deleting her will finally help to heal the last of the scar she left.
Should I delete her as a friend on Facebook?
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