My boyfriend blocked me on facebook?

So, Tuesday, my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument and he ended up breaking up with me (we have been together for 2 years and 3 months) then he blocked me on whatsapp (thats where we talk) and on facebook. Later on he texted me and said he wanted to talk, so we talked and ended up making up. Today, he didn't text me all day or unblock me from anything. So at around 3 (he gets up for 7 at work, so he had plenty of time) I asked him why I was still blocked? And he said "I'm waiting for us to be ok" and I said "really? not texting me or talking to me and keeping me blocked everywhere is gonna make us ok?" and then he replied with ok i unblocked you and I said "it's pretty sad I had to tell you and you couldn't do it out of yourself" but, he still hasn't added me back on facebook. I let him know it bothers me, but he hasn't. And I am not going to add him because I am not the one who deleted him. Anyway. He has my mom as a friend on facebook and I went on from her account and he still has his relationship status as "in a relationship" and he still has pics up that he posted of me of his wcw. So? Should I be upset? Or?
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Oh, and also deleted me off snapchat. But I haven't mentioned anything about that.
My boyfriend blocked me on facebook?
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