Ex boyfriend blocked me and my family on Facebook?

So me and my ex boyfriend just broke up a few weeks ago. I guess in short I had needs in the relationship and he said he wasn't willing to go that far. Distance was a big challenge for us and ultimately it was to much for us. At first it was long distance like a 2 hour flight then I moved closer so it was only 1 hour drive though I didn't have transportation to see him. He suggested we break up and he told me over Facebook chat :/ I was super upset and tried to reason with him and ask if we can work it out but then I just got so mad he broke the news to me over Facebook I agreed to breaking up. I felt like "why the hell would I even want to try reasoning with him when he is breaking up with me over Facebook". So in the end of it we broke up and I asked for my stuff back and I can return his. We didn't speak to each other for 2 weeks until I got an opportunity to return his stuff to him. I tried contacting him but no response so I told him I left it with a mutual friend and when next time he knows someone heading to my neighbour hood to send my stuff. Later in the evening he finally responded. Our convo was short and I was being polite and neutral about it. He said "sure, ok" and said "thanks" and he said "np, Ty" and that was the end of it, I didn't respond or anything else. Then the next day I discover that me, my mom, and my sister are all blocked on Facebook? I kinda understand why he might block me, but why my family? They weren't involved at all in our break up.
Ex boyfriend blocked me and my family on Facebook?
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