My ex boyfriend of over a year ago sent me a blank email?

Myself and him broke up because I was an idiot and thought someone else was better. Before that we were GREAT and were together for a year -he was amazing and we were so in love. (I realize I shouldn't have ditched him, biggest mistake ever)

So after a while, I got back in touch and we spoke a lot on the phone, then met up and kissed. He by then had a new girlfriend who he was living with and in the end he said he couldn't face seeing me anymore because I hurt him so badly and he didn't think he could take it. He also said his relationship with his new girlfriend was getting better and better and he wanted to try and make it work. I respected his decision and left him alone. He also told me that he was blocking me on facebook, changing his phone number, changing his email and moving to another city.

He has since blocked all my friends and family on facebook too.

Last September I came traveling around the world, he knew my leaving dates and sent an email via facebook to my sister saying that he hoped I had a good trip, that we didn't talk anymore and could she send me his best wishes etc...My sister, knowing how much this would wreck my head, didn't tell me for months. When she did tell me, it took me another 2 months to pluck up the courage to email HIS brother in return via facebook saying Thanks for the's my contact email and phone number should he want to get in touch.

So...after a month of nothing and me thinking it was forever done and dusted...he goes and sends me a blank email off his new email address.

What does that mean? He clearly wants me to have his email address (no facebook unblocking as he is still with the girlfriend and she would see) but why did he say nothing in the email?

I have emailed back with a few sentences like...Say thanks to your brother for passing on my message, thank you for the email you sent my sister, how are you? Are you still living in ------? but that was 3 days ago and no reply?

What on earth could be going on?

Oh and I'm still massively not over him. at all. I'd fly home tomorrow if he asked me too.

Help guys! xxx
My ex boyfriend of over a year ago sent me a blank email?
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