Ex boyfriend keeps adding me on facebook, only to delete me right after.

Two years ago, my boyfriend of 6 months and I broke up. Throughout our relationship he was continually needy and insecure, which pushed me away. Months passed and he wouldn't leave me alone, but soon we finally stopped talking and went our separate ways.

Over these two years I have since found a new boyfriend who treats me much better and I've been happier than ever. My Ex boyfriend will send me a friend request on facebook once in a while, only to delete me shortly after. We never talk when he adds me, and my profile is only visible to friends. I know he may only be adding me to see what I'm up to, but it's so immature and it gets on my nerves!

The last time he added me, I was ready to immediately deny him, but instead I approved him, and kept my profile hidden from only him. He messaged me and we had a short conversation about how we've been. He seemed to (or tried to) not care as much for the conversation (which doesn't bother me). We just talked about school and work. Nothing major.

Then the next day, not only was I deleted, but I was blocked. What is up with him? Trust me, I do want to be on good terms with him, but it's like he has these mood swings that seriously push my buttons. Is it better that I'm blocked? All I want is to be on good terms. I have no feelings for him at all. I don't even know if I'm just making a big deal out of this, but I just don't understand this behavior. Any takes on why he may be doing this?


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  • It sounds to me that's he's jealous over the fact that you have moved on and and have someone else now. If I were you I would ignore him completely. A response from you is what he is after, so if you ignore him he'll soon realize that its not getting him no where. Then you can get on with your life :)


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