Why does my ex-boyfriend still worry about me?

Mid-February my boyfriend that I lived with broke up with me. He had been working out of town and met another woman. He is now officially in a "relationship" with her. With any other ex it's pretty easy to move on however we have been good friends who do everything together since we were 17 (10 years ago). We have the same close friends. When we broke up I barely cried while he left bawling because I made it clear to him I was out of his life and there was no being friends. I do not reach out to him. He has reached out to me here and there. I usually don't reply. If I do it's "Throw it away" or "Thanks." We had lunch once about 3 weeks ago when he was home. He sent me a message afterward saying it was great to see me again and catch up a little. This past Saturday I co-hosted a party for our friends who are having a baby. His girlfriend who lives in OK came home with him that weekend. His initial plan was to not bring her and he said he had a book that she could read while he came to the shower. Our mutual friend told me this and I thought that was ridiculous. Of course I don't want to see her OR him but what's the point? He's with her and over me so bring her. So I told our friend to pass it along that it's fine she comes and I find it worse and more offensive for her to sit at his place. We are all adults and no longer in love. There was very little talking between me and him. I avoided him instead of seeking him out like I used to for the last 10 years. His girlfriend, him and I left about the same time - them right behind me. I live 5 mins. from the house the shower was at. 30 minutes later he sent me a text saying that I threw a great party he had a lot of fun and please drive safe. I didn't respond. Sunday night while he was back on the road to OK (gf not in the car) he called me. Made small talk about racing, telling me that we did so awesome with the party and told me to do events for a living, asked if I went and partied afterward and that I got home OK. Then he cut to the chase. He asked if bringing his girlfriend was a good idea and he felt like it wasn't a good idea and he never felt very strongly about bringing her. I told him I don’t know it is his girlfriend so he should know what’s best. I told him I was over us as a couple and no longer in love with him so I am fine with everything. He replied with “Yeah“ I said I don’t know her and have nothing against her and I’m not going to be mean to her or anything. He said good and said he knew I wasn’t like that and he was just worried about me. He didn’t want to do anything wrong by me. I told him that she is his girlfriend and he needs to worry about what’s best for HER, not ME. He replied with “yeah”.

I told him that he should have introduced us. He said he wanted to but said there wasn't a good time. I said she's his girlfriend and she'll be around for a long time so I'll have to meet her. There was a little more talk but what I want to know is why is he worried about my feelings and ME over her? Why does he care how I feel?
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Hmm. So it's him loving (possibly) me and caring about me as a friend like he always has (till we got together then broke up)?
Why does my ex-boyfriend still worry about me?
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