Does my ex boyfriend still care about me?

I had called my ex boyfriend yesterday to patch things up between the two of us cause when we stopped being friends, we didn't end on a good note and I felt that it was time that we at least talk to each other when we see each other, say hi or something. My only intention was to patch up old wounds and end the call after that. He asked me if I was coming back to the university we had attended together this past year and when I told him I wasn't so sure he told me that he really wanted to see me back at the school and that I belonged there. He also told me that if I were to come back then he would help me get my life back on track and help with school work when ever I needed and when ever he could help. He told me he was gonna make sure I go to church every Sunday even if we don't go together, he was gonna make sure I go anyways. He said he was gonna make sure that I wasn't drinking and getting drunk every weekend like I had before. He also said that he really wanted to see me achieve my dreams. We both really grew up in between the five months apart from each other and not talking to each other. I could tell he did just by talking to him. When we both ended our friendship, he did it by not telling me he didn't want to be friends and I did it by sending him a letter. The reason we both ended it was cause I was getting mad at him every single week it seemed like and he couldn't handle it anymore and I couldn't handle the fact that I was making him unhappy. We had both lost our virginity's to each other while we were together and when I had talked to him he had assured me that he wasn't with me just for the sex. He had intentionally got with me to be with me cause he did like me as more than a friend but then in the end the sex came in and it ruined our relationship and really screwed up our friendship afterward. We both have agreed that if I do go back that we will be friends again but not friends like we were before who text each other every day and were with each other every single day. It would just be a friendship where we don't shun each other, we say hi to each other in the hall, we eat together maybe every once in a while. From all of this, does he still care about me after everything we've been through? I don't want to get back together with him though. I just want to be friends.
Does my ex boyfriend still care about me?
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