Ex boyfriend unblocked me on Facebook ... Should I add him as a friend?

Hi... I was too much in love with my boyfriend.. we dated for 8 months.. shared the same apartment.. Towards the end I could feel a change in him and I started getting insecure about the whole relationship and as a result behaved like an obsessed girlfriend. He asked for time and space and said "Lets be friends for some time". I went more crazy hearing this and just couldn't leave him alone (maybe because of the fact that we lived in the same apartment). That drove him further away from me. He told me one day "Don't come and talk to me.. I assure you that I will come.." I behaved like a love-sick maniac from Sept to Dec then I left him all alone though still stayed in the same apartment. In Jan he came and told me "Lets start fresh ... lets be friends first etc etc" I got over eager and thought he is back as in the relationship.. Then again after 2 weeks.. he got annoyed and told "What part don't you understand" Then I decided to leave that apartment.. Feb I deleted him from Facebook and he blocked me.. It took me some time to find a new place... and I left in May without speaking to him at all. I found out from one of our mutual friends that he too left that apartment after another 2 months. Now after 1 year of blocking me on Facebook he unblocked me but has not send any messages or any friend requests. I don't want him to think that I want him back but don't know whether to add him as a friend or not.. Please help
Ex boyfriend unblocked me on Facebook ... Should I add him as a friend?
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