I'm torn between to girls.. help me I don't want to cheat on anyone..

I am 16 years old . I have a girlfriend . we are in different college. but still I somehow managed to ask her out and she accepted it . after sometime we came in relationship. but problem is few days ago she told me that she kissed her ex mistakenly. I had already told her not to contact him. but she said he was frustrated so she had to help him. and she helped him like this.. what the hell.. later when I talked to that guy he said they were in contact from one month . she had opened a fake account to contact him on Facebook so I wouldn't notice. I ask her to give me password of that account she didn't give me. but that guy did. I was shocked to know that she was planning to ditch me after few days she kissed him. but when I told her that I saw all the messages of her fake account she told me that she was not gonna ditch me and all she had chatted with that guy was fake. she said she was just finding reason to betray him. so he would not contact her again. I was so angry to know all this . how was I gonna believe all this sh*t. because when we were in relationship she didn't really express her love like other girlfriends do . we had kissed each other. but still I felt our relation could have been more lovely. after this incident she called me and told me that she was confused between two of us. and she didn't know whom to choose. and now she wanted to be with me and she was involved in me, not in that guy anymore and she loves me and all she needs a second chance. she promised me that this won't happen again and she will not contact him .she cried so much. and I fell for that and I gave her second chance. It's been two days after this incident happened . now there is something wrong with me. now I'm confused between two girls . my girlfriend and my school crush. let her name be priya. priya was my school crush. we didn't talk in school so much. but when I met her in my college( she is in my college) she asked for my mobile number and then we started chatting. that girl priya has helped me alot. she cares for more than any other girl. even she brings lunch for me, made of her hands. I'm so grateful to her. we get along really well. I have not told her about my girlfriend yet (let my girlfriend's name be prachi). I have told her that prachi and me are friends . prachi and priya don't know each other as they are in diffrent college. before coming in relationship with prachi I had proposed priya but in two days I told her that we should be friends . I gave her reason that it was difficult for me to concentrate on study due to relationship. she fell for that and she told me that she would wait for me as long as it would take. she have not accepted any boy's proposal after this. real reason of me doing breakup was ,I was confused between priya and prachi.but I chose prachi at that time . when me and priya are together we act like friends.but when we chat on mobile , she gets romantic what to do now I don't want to cheat on anyone please help me.its urgent
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I linked up again with priyea We are now having good time. but still I'm not sure about something. she said that she loves me, she wants to be with me,well I admit it. but is it possible that she would be thinking of that guy (her ex) when we would be doing romance or having good time with each other,as she was in relation with him. All I'm asking is, is it possible that she would remembering her time of romance with that guy when she would be doing same thing with me? do all girls do the same?
I'm torn between to girls.. help me I don't want to cheat on anyone..
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