Girlfriend left me after 6 years: 8 weeks no contact advice

Hi all,

It's been 8 weeks since my girlfriend of 6 years originally left me.

Here's the situation, I cut off all contact with her and changed my number, blocked Facebook including ANY mutual friends etc and have stuck to no-contact. She left me out of the blue one Saturday morning, stating that we had lost the spark in our relationship (even though in my opinion we hadn't).

It's been ridiculously hard - I can't even begin to tell you how hard. There have been times where I have been sat at my desk in work, when everyone goes home and I have no-one to go home to, I just sit there and wonder what the hell has become of my life. I'm sure many people will relate to this - that sense of loss, that all of your future plans are down the drain (we planned a family together) and a feeling of complete helplessness as you wonder how on earth you can replace someone that you've spent 6 incredible years with. You just feel so alone at times it's unreal.

I've been out on several dates during these 8 weeks in an attempt to help myself, but inevitably you end up comparing everyone you meet to that person you have lost - so again you just feel helpless and heartbroken.

During this time I have written countless emails to her, hovering the mouse over the 'send' button, but never doing it. Always backing out at the last moment. On a couple of occasions I have been about to send the email telling her I miss her, but I have phoned friends to have told me not to do it and persuaded me to back out. Goodness knows, it's been so hard though to maitain the no-contact - but I've somehow maintained it. Somehow.

It's now been over 60 days NC and I miss her so badly it's literally UNREAL. Just when I thought I was starting to get through it, I took a massive nosedive last week at the end of week 8, and I found myself missing her so badly it literally hurt inside - couldn't concentrate at work, felt empty all the time, no enthusiasm to do anything etc.

So here goes my question: should I email her to tell her I miss her? I just want her to know I miss her - that's all.

My concern, like many others in similar situations I'm sure, is that she thinks I have moved on from her as I have dropped completely off the radar.

She has had over 60 days now without me in her life, and there is a part of me that wants to know if she misses me too?

I understand that she has also had 60 days plus of no contact, and likewise she could have emailed me too - so yes I know that the odds are that I will get an email with a hurtful response, or maybe even no response at all. That will hurt, I know it - but there's just this part of me that yearns to tell her I miss her?

background story; we never argued in the entire six years we had together, had a wonderful relationship full of love and affection. I have previously posted about the story on here before, but it won't let me share the link

I miss this woman so badly guys it's unbelievable. It's like a nightmare that I can't wake up from:(
Girlfriend left me after 6 years: 8 weeks no contact advice
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