Can chemistry disappear forever?

Just curious what you guys think about chemistry? If two people had amazing chemistry, is it always there, or can it go away for good?

My ex and I had incredible chemistry. We worked together, but we used to always talk so easily for hours. We seemed like we liked all the same things. Then he asked me out, and we dated very seriously for a year. He broke up saying he genuinely got scared that things were going to smoothly, and we may never end...and at 24, and someone for whom this was their first real relationship, he couldn't make such a commitment.

We still had a lot of chemistry for months after we broke up. But nowadays, I feel like the most boring, unfunny, unimpressive person around him. I feel like I act the exact same as before, he just couldn't care less.

Anyways, is chemistry something that's always there, or does it depend on the context? Is it only there when you like somebody, and make yourself seem more like them? Can intense chemistry just disappear, or stop momentarily while people are getting over the pain of a breakup?

I don't want to date this guy again, but I do miss having a guy friend with so much chemistry that I love talking to them. So I wish I could go back to being friends like how we were before.
Can chemistry disappear forever?
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