I am an adult and my father is threatening my boyfriend?!

We broke up a couple days but we are planning on getting back together. We already are, just not on FB because my dad threatened my boyfriend and is doing everything in his physical power to keep him away.

I am very sick. I'm turning 20, but health issues (anxiety and physical disabilities) disable me from driving or working.. so I don't have a license.. Therefore I am still stuck living with my mom. Due to my inability to work, I'm trying to get SSI, but I've yet to be accepted. Therefore my situation is worse. I'm sicker than usual because of not being able to afford my medications.. and I am stuck living with my mother.

My boyfriend can't live with me because my family hates him, so he's living an hour away..

My dad who was gone for TEN years of my life just showed back up and is threatening to kill my boyfriend if I try to get back with him, threatening to follow me when I go to see my bf.. and I told him I would just run away..without my boyfriend and just make a new identity if my dad didn't quit trying to control my life.

I want to move out desperately, but I am too sick to manage a job.. my boyfriend asked me to move in with him, but I'm afraid it would just make everything worse.. what if my dad does try to kill him!?

I want to get a restraining order on my father but my mom says I can't...that I shouldn't. I want to be with my boyfriend, and my father was a horrible father the time he did spend with me.. drugs, etc.

I don't know how to escape. They're eventually going to tear me and him apart because I don't know how to get out. I have 100$ a month and food stamps to my name.. I haven't qualified for more and attempting a job would kill me.

What can I legally do to make my father lay off?

He does NOT live with me. I am an adult. My boyfriend is an adult. The'y're accusing my boyfriend of beating me, and he WAS a terrible drunk, but he's sober now, has been a long time, and he NEVER, EVER beat me. He's trying to make it up to me, but my family keeps giving him a hard time, harassing him with phone calls and inappropriate sexual texts pretending to be young girls to see if he'd flirt with them.

My dad had the nerve to tell me, "Do you really think you can get away from me?"

I'm scared! I want my life back! I moved out for a while, but due to me and my bf's breakup neither of us could afford to keep the place anymore, and we're both struggling financially because he is disabled as well..

We're not druggies or lazy, we've done our fair share attempting to work. It's not possible for either of us to maintain a job. It's physically painful and has hospitalized me.

Any legal advice? Or how to escape this nightmare?

I FEEL LIKE I AM A PRISONER! They've got me trapped and I can't escape!


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  • If your boyfriend fears his safety he should look into what it takes to file a restraining order or personal protection order himself on your father. That way its in place and he can have some peace of mind and you don't have to do that to family, as bad as he may of been to you, he is family.

    I also think you need to continue to try and find a job you can handle or some way of making some kind of income so you can save to move out. All you can do is stand up for yourself and save to leave because as long as you depend on parents they're going to give you their two cents too and its often not just "advice" obviously.

    • I am saving up money and I am working on trying to find a way to leave!

    • Thanks for best answer. Hope things are going well for you.

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  • he should just get a restraining order

  • well you can't do anythign without a restraining order but your mom doenst want you tod o it

  • Your dad isn't gonna do anything.Focus on your health and everything else before thinking about having a bf.

    • He is a registered psychopath. Literally. He's got papers saying he's a sociopath, psychopath, etc. I honestly don't know WHAT my dad is capable of!

    • This situation isn't that serious.You're making it into a mountain and its NOT.Call the police if you're that scared,otherwise...its pointless dramatised complaining.If you're so concerned tell the athorities and and tell your boyfriends to have a restraining order put in place.If he is seriously threatening your bf,then he can go to jail for that.Anyway,focusing on your health would be of greater importance.Prioritize what's important.

  • I think you should focus unbecoming independent before having a bf.

    • I was. I filed for my SSI, was going to try and go to school once I got my medications back..cause I was able to attend high school when I had my medications... and I was going to try and make something out of myself once I could afford my own medications at a job that isn't strenuous (AKA minimum wage). Me and my Boyfriend had our own place, we were paying our bills together, we'd been dating 9 months before we made the big move.

    • I had to move back in with my mom during the breakup, and my boyfriend lost the place because they're trying to take his check which he rightfully deserves, he could never work in his life! Even I know that's hopeless...and now that I am back my dad is trying to trap me from leaving, on my own, or with my boyfriend. He's moving to my town to "keep a close eye on me" and "keep that scum away from my daughter." I am 20 years old and my father is stalking me and my bf! He tries to read my messages, he found out

    • where my boyfriend lives and he threatens me that if I try to move out with my boyfriend, or leave that he'll go down there and shoot my bf.

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