One chance, per woman, per lifetime - Girls/women do you agree with this statement?

One Chance, Per Woman, Per Lifetime - Do you girls/women agree with this statement?

That a guy only get's once chance per woman for a lifetime? That you can never look at him again in the same way after a break-up because once your interest level for him has dropped for and a break-up has occured it can never go back as high as it was before?

Here the audio and source for it check it out

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  • Doc Love has some pretty useful stuff.

    • He does yes, that's why I was curious to find out whether this statement that he always comes out with is true or not for peoples experiences.

    • I think it's pretty accurate based on my experience and what I've observed of others. Once you really blow the interest of the girl, it's often less of a mess to just walk away and start over with a new one. And I think his advice to keep her interest level higher than yours is pretty sound.

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  • My general rule is "if it didn't work the first time, why should I believe it could work a second time?" If I can answer that question, then I'll give it another try. My current boyfriend and I sort of pseudo-dated a few years ago (we were really close friends) and we had a bad split up. But after not talking for a couple years, and then cautiously hanging out for a year afterward, we decided we had changed/grown up enough to possibly make this work. And so far, so good. :)

  • I think it depends on why and how the break up happened. If trust was broken in some way, then no-the person may never look at you the same. If they walked out on you without talking to you, then they would never trust you to stay if you ended up back together, so the answer to your question is really dependent on the how and why of the break up.

  • With time, space, and change, successful second chances are possible.

    • So you can forget the past that easily? Can you honestly say you can really like the guy the secound time as good as the first time?

    • Who said it would be easy? It's possible I'd like him even better, too. It just depends on the situation, why we broke up, and if he's changed or I've changed. Let's take a boyfriend I had in high school, who I loved but broke up with. Is he going to be the same person 10 years from then? Maybe, but probably not. Absolutes, like X will always be the case, don't accurately reflect our relationships with people.

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