What's her deal? She told me she was single.

theres this girl in my class who I really like and I think likes me back I recently made her my wcw just to see how she would react and she tweeted it and seemed happy about it but before that I asked if she had a boyfriend she told me no! But the thing is I did a little bit of recon from Facebook and a guy she use to date back in high school for like 3 or 4 years I think she still in contact with him cause they have taken pictures together on instagram same on his now I don't know if she has a boyfriend or not I don't really understand this...i've been flirting wiith this girl a lot in class so I know she knows I like her and before in class she showed me a random text from a guy who was trying to talk to her I get that either...should I just back offf?


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  • Showing yu texts from another guy is a sign she wants you to back away. Maybe not completely away, but for now she's not eager for any relationship with you. She might be OK with chatting in class or casually elsewhere.

    She knows you've been flirting, or trying to flirt, and hasn't responded in any positive way.

    If I were you, I'd try ignoring her a little, and see if she then wants to initiate contact herself.

    If not, it's goodbyesville..

    • it was random too she doesn't ussaly talk but she will always talk back with me and she randomly said hey look at this meessage on my phone from this random guy trying to talk to me but ill take it with a grain of salt

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  • How about you just ask her out? Only one way to find out and that's to take a chance. Worst thing she can do is say no. Even though she has those pics it doesn't really mean anything if she's single. It could have been a good mutual brek up. So take a shot. She knows you like her and she's probably waiting for you to ask her out.

  • She said she hasn't a boyfriend, that doesn't mean she doesn't see her ex. Heck, she might be sleeping with him from time to time, but that doesn't mean she lied to you.

    • shes only 19 and I highly doubt she's sleeping with her ex she's not that type of girl

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    • i will defiantly consider it a possibility, how do you suppose I go about this actually finding out and taking to her we sit next to each other in class two times out of the week we have class

    • I guess your best approach is go and ask her. Of course, be polite. Tell her you'd like to ask her out but you need to be sure there's nothing going on between her and her ex. If you choose to trust her about one thing you should trust her about everything else. If you believe her about some things but not others, you might be seeing what you want to see. So, just be honest, trust her and ask her out.

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