My boyfriend is obsessed with the gym! Help!

I'm 20 I'm a model working part time .

My boyfriend is a Plummer unemployed , My boyfriend is obsessed with the gym and bodybuilding he goes every day . Money is tight with him he spends it on healthy food his diet is driving me crazy !

We don't go on dates ! Because of his diet !and because things are tight with money ... He saves his money as well

I'm with my boyfriend a year now I meet him when he was a body builder but he didn't take things so serious ! He was fun back then and romantic ..

I only see him at night time he's with his friends training and comes down to me just to sleep and rob my meat !

He says he's training for the summer that he has to keep on top so people will say that he's good enough for me !

The body building is for himself the relationship is gone so boring he thinks I expect him to keep it interesting and run !.

I've seat him down and explained that we are very younge and need to do more fun things together . He said " if your not having fun or don't think your ready for a real relationship I understand I love you and it will brake my heart but why is it up to me to make things exciting !-

He said he wants to be in shape for the summer . It's sad that his life is just about how he looks self obsessed .

Should it be left up to a man to arrange dates keep things exciting ?

His behaviour made me think he was cheating turns out he wasn't !

He is so self obsessed that he like to let on he's rich he buys rich clothes drives a car g can't afford ..

He dumped his ex because she put on weight .

He's a lovely boyfriend . But his ego is huge it kinda sickness me .. Girls would you put up with this ?

He hides he a jealous type . Really insure deep down I think . Got a face lift that's his excuse for why he can't go out in public . My boyfriend is going crazy ! He's the type if you let him walk all over you he will . And when he knows he has to around his finger he would bother keep your interest . My friends tell me that I could have any man I want but I love his heart and our friendship

Is the chase better the catch ! He once said that even tho he's in a relationship he still wants people to say he's attractive ! Helppppppoppppp should I walk away ! Image is his life
He also shows me off when he's with his friends he's always looking at pictures of bodybuilder ! He's cheating on me with the gym ! I love the old him so much everything is on his terms. He knows if he takes steroids I go crazy . I support him I come from a sporty back round I like to look after myself 2 but not to that extreme ! He doesn't get payed it's a hobby I'd rather him look for a job ! He has me around his finger he chased me till he got me ! And now he's stop showing interest !


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  • The guy is narcissistic. The "So people say he looks good for you", well you can drop the "for you" from that sentence. All he wants is his ego stroked. Period>

    No it is not only the guys position to make the relationship fun. But two people can't have fun when one is all me, me, me.

    You are a convenience for sex. Nothing more.

    Dump him he's a loser.

    • Your actually so right !

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  • So lets get this straight, he believes in staying healthy, he has a hobby that he's passionate about in his life, he had that hobby when you met him and now that you can't change him and turn him into the man you want he's selfish?

    He earns his own money, responsibly saves some of it, and then spends the rest of what he earns on things he enjoys rather then on you and he's selfish for doing that with the own money he earns?

    You must be trolling.

    • You also think he's responsible for making your life interesting and planning everything for you? lol you've got jokes, get a life.

  • "Should it be left up to a man to arrange dates keep things exciting ?"

    No. both of you can arrange and setup dates.

    There is a condition called muscle dysmorphia. It's like anorexia, but in the opposite direction. Have you sat down and told him how you feel, what this will do to your relationship(most likely cease it), and how both of you can change some things as to accommodate each others needs?

    Try that.

  • "I thought he was cheating on me, he wasn't"

    Usually the accuser is actually the acusee. You're probably the cheater

  • You knew he had such a hobby when you started dating him. Trying to change him is just selfish, it would be for you both to break up.

  • well quit being a bitch and you ask him out on a date then. Its the 21st century.

  • Meh give him a break

  • I don't feel it should always be up to the man to arrange dates or keep things exciting


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  • link

    look at this... what you're saying show some narcissistic traits ... :/

    If I were you I would make one of 2 choices: dump him or seek relationship therapy cause there

    might actually be something wrong with how he's acting...

  • You love his heart and your friendship? That's kind of an odd thing to say I think.

    But anyway, isn't this more about yourself and how you feel? Like you know he doesn't like fat girls and you're wondering why he's still working that hard since he already has you... wondering if he will still be with you if you stop being/ looking like a model in the future?


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