Long distance relationship ended over clubbing?

So my girlfriend and I began an LDR about three months ago, and when it started, we agreed that we would not be involved with clubs, since they make LDR even tougher than it already is. Everything changed this week. First, removed everything I had ever posted on her profile (including pictures of us) and then she tells me that she is going to the club later in the week. She didn't bother to ask my opinion on it, she just decided. Then when I was upset about it and telling her that it wasn't good for people in our situation, she told me that I was a controlling asshole and broke up with me. She said that I obviously don't trust her, when that isn't the case. I did trust her. It's just her previous actions with her Facebook account made me question my trust. I told her that it wasn't a good environment for all of this happening at once, but she just didn't care. Now she won't even talk to me. I don't feel like I've done anything particularly wrong to deserve this. I've never asked her to not do anything for me except to avoid clubs, since we had already agreed upon it. It all just sucks.


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  • hey im really sorry about all this. but being a girl, i somewhat know what is going on. it seems that she wanted to break up with you since before you commented on the clubbing issue. it almost seems like she told you that so you could fight and she would break up with you. i sort of think she might have met someone else? doesn't mean she's dating anyone or that she cheated, but she met someone interesting. and that might explain the removal of all the fb posts

  • I think she ended the relationship before she decided to go clubbing, but just used that as an excuse to let you know it was over. It wasn't anything you did, so the best you can do is work towards getting over her.


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