3 ways to save a canceled date (:

So you cancelled a date with a really special girl? ..Huh..

Whatever your excuse was; sick, too busy, or just chickened out...

But you realized you are really into her or maybe it's your girlfriend you cancelled on and she's pissed! Here are 3 ways to save your ass:

3 ways to save a canceled date(:

1) Apologize

Pretty basic, always apologize to that person. Just because you were busy doesn't mean they didn't have to clear their schedule just to spend a couple hours of their precious time getting to know you or talk to you.. Just apologize no matter what.

2) Flowers or Chocolate

Chocolate for the ones who are already in the relationship and flowers for the ones who aren't yet ... And if you really wanna get laid...BOTH!

3) Another date!

Another date where the plans are set and nothing can come in the way of anything. Make it romantic or make it fun! Just make sure at the end of the day she enjoyed herself.

Those are 3 steps to save yourself from looking like a fuckboy.

Thank you and goodnight (:


Most Helpful Guy

  • I appreciate that you made this but I wish you had just made it non-gender specific. Women aren't the only ones who get canceled on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Cancelling dates... Gosh I hate that, it's hard for me to forgive someone who canceled lol It must be something reaaaally serious so I can forgive them.


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  • forget step 1,2. I would just like a text message at least half an hour before the supposed meet up time.

  • When will girls understand that life happens. Shit sometimes gets in the way

  • If I let her know in-advance and had a good reason

    1. She isn't owed an apology from me
    2. She isn't owed material goods from me.
    3. I'd have scheduled another date at the time of cancellation if I had any interest in actually seeing her.

    And a bonus: if this was still an issue for her, I'd find another woman to date. Plenty of women to meet.

  • Bit its ok for women to cancel on and ignore men somehow. What a load of crap.


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