Looking for a date? Try something NEW!

I want to use this take to share a recent experience with you all and hopfully someone will benefit from it. I know how tough it is to find someone you want to date. You have to find someone who's attractive to you, they have to be available, then they have to find you attractive, AND after all that, you need to get the approach right. So not easy--I get it. Anyway, I recently found myself in the fortunate position of being on a date with a girl I like and decided to take her to an intro dance class (seeing as how I now had a partner). That's when I realized, I should've been doing things like this when I was still looking for a date!

Why? Because in addition to me and my date, there were 3 other couples, a super gay dance instructor, and a SMOKING hot girl who was there on her own. She was medium height with blonde curly hair and dressed modestly, wearing heels, leggings and a sweater. Despite not showing any skin, you could tell she had a VERY nice body. Her legs looked very firm and toned (I think she biked to get there) and when she was turned to the side, her ass in those leggings looked absolutely amazing! And that's not even mentioning the way she filled out that sweater!

And to top it off she was definitely single. At one point the instructor had us rotate partners and she introduced herself and (as she'd been working with the instructor) assured me she had the steps down. Then she added, "I just need a man now!" lol! I was thinking, "well, you'll have NO problem finding one!" but also kicking myslef that I hadn't tried events like this when I was still single. Anyway, I'm telling single friends to give this kind of thing a try, so I thought I share with all of you!

Looking for a date?  Try something NEW!


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  • hell yeah oh yeah

  • your take fricking sucks.

    • Ha! you're absolutely right! I was just stoked about seeing that girl there and wanted to tell someone!

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    • Lol proud*

    • Hahaha! Thanks! I'm not proud of the take, but goddamn did I like seeing this chick! Hope you found it entertaining!

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