Is his/her zodiac sign correct for a relationship?

Is his/her zodiac sign correct for a relationship?Well hiya, thanks for clicking on this special myTake today! This take was actually wrote by @GirlGuy123 but he didn't think anyone would see it on his profile so we decided to have it on mine, because I'm "more popular" here. (I just took all the info he gave me and changed the format and added the pictures) If you couldn't tell, this myTake will be about the zodiac sign couple match ups, best & worst for each sign. Obviously this isn't always the case. Without further ado, let's get this take started!


Is a fire sign and can be headstrong and impetuous.

Best Matches-

Sagittarius. She/he will feel a magnetic pull towards you and the attraction will be purely visible. As an Aries you are mysterious which keeps guessing. Your charming nature will keep the Sagittarius attracted to you. There will never be a dull conversation between you two!

Cancer. Due to the intense and passionate nature of Cancers, they bring out the best in Aries. Streaks of jealousy might show often in both signs but an Aries sign is the hardest to persue out of all the signs. If the Cancer can keep Aries on his/her toes this combination could work out very well and prove to be a fiery relationship.

Worst Match-

Cancer. If the cancer is the woman and Aries is the man I guess it's different than an Aries woman with a Cancer man. So this would only be in play for an Aries man with a Cancer lady. Aries signs tend to be more extrovert and don't pair with the more conservative and sensitive signs. They aren't complete opposites but the relationship would most likely be frustrating because of their different priorities. Also, a Cancer woman's submissive nature might make her feel forced to submit to Aries more aggressive attitude.


Is an earth sign and the best Taurus relationships are with oth earth signs, and water signs.

Best Matches-

Cancer. The emotional Cancer can confound in a Taurus and the Taurus enjoys helping Cancer to discover hidden talents.

Virgo. Virgos mental skills, and physical appearance, and penchant for neatness and order really appeal to Taurus.

Capricorn. Capricorns ambitious nature and sensible approach to money will help ground Taurus.

Pisces. Taurus will become pleasantly lost in Pisces sensual dream world.

Worst Match-

Aquarius. Doomed before it begins, these two are set in their ways and it will be hard for them to give in to eachothers needs or demands. While Tauruses like stability Aquarians can be all over the place, loving at a faster pace. Taurus tends to be very possessive which doesn't match well with Aquariouses openness.


Is an air sign and loves the freedom to explore life and new ideas. The best matches for Geminis are fellow air signs or fire signs.

Best Matches-

Leo. Leo's showmanship and passion will intrigue and mentally challenge Geminis to expand beyond their comfort zone.

Libra. Alike people attract eachother and Libras sensual side will make a Gemini feel special.

Aquarius. These two air signs understand eachother without having to speak. They just have to be careful not to indulge in eachothers weaknesses.

Worst Match-

Cancer. Cancers are sensitive and emotional while Geminis lack sensitivity and can be quite brutal when speaking their minds. Cancers are too sensitive to handle this and will take it personally. Geminis can be the "player" type and are less clingy than Cancers.


Is a water sign that retreats in his/her protective shell whenever threatened.

Best Matches-

Virgo. The virgins influence will provide a solid foundation for Cancer to flow around.

Scorpio. Scorpio understands Cancers deep emotions and will relate to the unspoken reasons behind Cancers actions.

Pisces. Pisces dream of the ideal mate and when paired with Cancer the two can swim to grWhile the exciting, active lifestyle of the Aquarius might appeal to a Cancer at first, it won't be long before laziness sets in. This relationship will be fun and exciting for maybe a month, and then the Cancer's homebody personality will take over. The Aquarius will get bored quickly, which will lead to arguments eat emotional depths together. (Which is rewarding too both)

Taurus. Taurus can give Cancer much needed support and strength. This encouragement will help Cancer to come out of the protective shell.

Worst Match-

Aquarius. While the exciting, active lifestyle of the Aquarius might appeal to Cancers at first, it won't be long before laziness sets in. The relationship would be exciting for about a month before Cancers homebody relationship takes over. The Aquarius will be bored of this which will cause arguments.


Is a fire sign who loves to be th center of attention.

Best Matches-

Libra. Libras artistic abilities and love of sensual pleasures intrigue a Leo.

Sagitarrius. Sagittariuses mental acuity and social skills impress a Leo.

Aries. Leo is fascinated with an Aries mental prowess but these two have to learn to share the spotlight for the relationship to last.

Gemini. Leo will be delighted by Geminis quick wit & charm.

Worst Match-

Taurus. Leo and Taurus are the living embodiment of the phrase "when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object." Both signs are extremely stubborn and have they each have different priorities. While Leo's are go-getters who want to achieve fame & fortune while Taurus just wants stability and security. Neither side would give way in an argument & neither likes to accept change. The best these signs can hope for is a mutual respect.


Is an earth sign that needs order In a chaotic world. This sign appreciates home and purpose.

Best Matches-

Scorpio. Scorpio brings an emotional depth to this relationship that otherwise Virgo wouldn't explore. Scorpio also has a wit that Virgo would enjoy.

Capricorn. Capricorn finds Virgos nature and ability to create a home on a budget very desirable.

Taurus. Virgo has a great appreciation for this signs great sense of style and excellent taste.

Cancer. Virgo enjoys being depended on and held in esteem, which cancer will surely do when Virgo helps Cancer define personal goals.

Worst Match-

Leo. Leo loves to spend money and Virgo loves to save it. Also Leos extravagant and outgoing nature will clash with Virgos conservative and quiet side.


Is an air sign that enjoys the beauty and sensual pleasures that life offers.

Best Matches-

Sagittarius. Libra finds joy in stoking the flames with Sagittarius and is fascinated by this signs intriguing mind.

Aquarius. The water bearers electric lifestyle and deep appreciation for the arts attract Libras.

Gemini. Gemini is the perfect social butterfly match to Libras lifestyle.

Leo. Melodrama and the need to be the center of attention is okay with Libra because Leo is a living work of art.

Worst Sign-

Capricorn. Capricorns controlling nature and need to get their way will likely cause them to take advantage of Libra because of Libras giving nature. Capricorns can be moody and very aloof compared to Libra who is generally open about his/her emotions. These opposites could work out it they tried hard enough though.


Is an water sign that has a sharp tongue and that seeks emotional commitment.

Best Signs-

Capricorn. Capricorn is up to that task and will snuggle into that home life.

Pisces. Pisces and Scorpio understand eachother and would be content with eachother.

Cancer. Cancer is another good match though Cancer will retreat from Scorpios "stings."

Virgo. Virgos need for order might try Scorpios patience but Virgo can calm turbulent waters and win Scorpios heart.

Worst Sign-

Aries. They should work together but they just clash constantly because of their independent nature. Aries is flirtatious where Scorpio tends to have a jealous streak which leads to distrust.


Is a fire sign that works best with air & fire signs.

Best Matches-

Aquarius. This signs social graces appeal to Sagittarius.

Aries. Sagittarius is drawn to fellow air sign Aries & shares the same love of adventure.

Leo. Sagittarius admires Leo's mentality and ability to preform in front of an audience.

Libra. Libras appreciation for art and the finer things in like will please a Sagittarius.

Gemini. Geminis fun loving, flirty nature will seduce this sign.

Worst Sign-

Capricorn. Sagittarius loves to laugh and have a good time. They have a bubbly personality and love to be on the go. Capricorns on the other hand are more grounded and sometimes have a dark side. Sagittariuses upbeat attitude will get on Capricorns nerves quickly.


Is an earth sign that craves hearth & home.

Best Matches-

Pisces. Capricorn will make a safe and cozy home that Pisces can dream in.

Taurus. Taurus and Capricorn make a grounded couple that appreciates stability.

Virgo. Virgi craves security and Capricorns ability to budget & make a home makes this a wonderful match.

Scorpio. Scorpios high passion & depth of character will quickly seduce a Capricorn.

Worst Match-

Sagittarius. A Capricorn tends to be shy & pays attention to detail while Sagittarius is impatient & whimsical.


Is an air sign that needs diversity in life along with mental challenges. The best matches are fire & air signs.

Best Signs-

Aries. The combustion of fire and air makes a this a fiery (haha ;) ) relationship.

Gemini. This pair will enjoy a flirty, fun relationship.

Libra. Libra will open up a whole new world of art & sensuality for Aquarius to explore.

Sagittarius. The passions Sagittarius awakens in Aquarius will quickly become addictive.

Worst Sign-

Scorpio. The adventurous Aquarius is always seeking excitement and something new in his/her life while Scorpio wants commitment & something solid in his/her life. Scorpio would need to loosen the reigns so Aquarius has some breathing room.


Is a water sign that pairs best with earth and other water signs.

Best Matches-

Taurus. This sign helps Pisces be more self-aware & helps them plan for the future.

Cancer. This would be a very intuitive relationship, Cancer would instinctively know what Pisces needs.

Scorpio. Scorpio challenges Pisces to grow and swim in bigger waters.

Capricorn. Capricorns earthbound nature will help Pisces to grow in ways never thought of before.

Worst Sign-

Gemini. A gemini needs to freedom in his or her life and cannot be contained. Otherwise they will grow restless and detached. Pisces need stability which a Genini will not offer. Pisces wants a fairy tale romance and though there will be the initial attraction, it will dissipate soon enough.

WELL, that's all peeps! And remember...


(What, are you surprised I know that?)


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  • This is so not true I am a Sagittarius and I really can't get along with Leos or Aries, Leos or too stubborn and egotistical if they lose in a sport they won't accept it and be in denial of it so badly to the point its delusional. Aries aren't as bad, but they are too impulsive this is all crap according to this cause I only get along with the sings that are not my own. I think one day a bunch of crazy people thousands of years ago wrote this crap while they were high on ayahcusa or some shrooms or something or it was written in some other language and some idiot didn't translate it correctly.

    • As I said, not everyone fits. I know many people do fit their sign. I'm a Genini & the best relationship I ever had was a Leo. It fits the bill. Not everyone does though.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Everything on the Virgo was pretty accurate - all of it I knew from personal experience. =)
    (except make time for that person always - nah... I really like my peace - respect my space and me, I do the same in return)
    Scorpios - the absolute best! =)

    • Kind of the same with me.

      "Cutting out" all but what's relevant, there was this one guy who wouldn't stop talking to me, which made me feel uncomfortable, because I'm obviously an introvert, and don't like active conversations.

      (Capricorn. If by going with the "new" Zodiac signs, which is basically the one behind/prior to the "old" one, a. k. a Aquarius)

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  • I think some it can be true. Lol. Good take. Another thing to look at is the day the person is born. Some people can have qualities of two signs and sometimes three.

    • Very true. My brother actually was born on a day like that.

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    • I think most people fit with it but definitely not all.

    • Yeah that is so true. And your right.

  • Yes, let's base our relationship choices on a Viking superstition made by people who knew nothing about human psychology. And let's all start drinking ram's blood again too.

    • Well that's an idea. But hey, you can't deny that most people are similar to what their star signs describe.

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    • If you don't care then why post the take? It's your take so you're the one asking for people of differing opinions.

    • Because the guy with the info wanted to get this out there & I like xper points. I never said you were wrong so I don't know why you are making so much drama out of this lol. I knew other people wouldn't agree & they don't have to.

  • Im a libra, I believe i am extremely old fasioned and I definitely like taking my capricorn girl out on romantic dates. Although now I am freaking out.

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    • I tried watching the video but it won't load.

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    • You wouldn't know this but everytime I get a new notification for this take your comment is always shown as new... It's like a sign that I have to watch the video haha

  • Made up star symbols do nothing to influence relationships at all, only looks and personality do I'm not going to meet this amazing girl and go "My god your an Cancer!!! GTFO!!!" Like literally they mean nothing it's just the Barnum effect

    • Lmao that would be terrible! Honestly I just like reading the funny zodiac stuff.

  • I always thought Pisces and cancer were good matches

  • #TEAMSAG seems about right to a degree. But we aren't shallow :(


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