Why young girls should stop wasting their tears over guy

Why young girls should stop wasting their tears over guy?

Quite recently I had a friend come to me about a guy that she had broken up with. She was not only crying and upset that he had been flirting with other girls, but he was also hanging with her close friends now which made her extremely uncomfortable. Although I comforted her I could not see why she was so upset.

You see, most young guys or at least guys in highschool don't take breakups or relationships as serious as girls because they just want to experience different things. I have many guy friends that often let me see their text or even text for them and I know how they "hook" girls and how they play them. And what I have learned is that guys just want a girl who is going to pay them attention and have fun. They don't want a girl who is going to start drama in their life or make them unhappy.

During my sophomore year I met an amazing guy that helped me learn things about myself and the way I communicate with others. He also was a great friend when my mom was going through cancer treatment. He was honestly a soulmate and not in the since that I thought I would be with him forever but at that exact time we just clicked and as a result I took more things out of the relationship than I brought in. Although he is in a relationship with a beautiful girl and we do not talk I still truly believe he is an amazing person.

I guess my point is that everything including relationships happen for a reason. You may have a terrible relationship but at least you learned what you don't like inside a relationship. There is no reason to waste your tears when you can be discovering new things, playing sports, making friends, learning about yourself or anything that this world has to offer. There are more important things than worrying about guys and how to get and keep one. And if you ever find yourself crying over one please just remember this saying: " two tears in a bucket and f**k it".

P.S. That saying is so corny but it always helps me so try it. Also I would love to hear thoughts about girls and guys on this subject.


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  • Then young men should stop wasting their tears and money on girls. Fair is fair, after all.


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  • Of course all of the guys are going to complain about this Take, as well as downvote the crap outta my comment. However, this works both ways. Next time word it 'Why young PEOPLE should stop wasting their tears on people that are only temporary'. Young adults nowadays are going into relationships for the wrong reasons. It doesn't last long because people aren't willing to compromise. Everyone in their 20s is all about me me me and not mentally mature or stable enough to realize who's good for them and who isn't. I feel like I wasted too much of my time crying over an ex, but instead of regretting it, I saw it as a lesson. Same applies to guys. I'd tell my brother the same.

    • Not going to downvote you but your description does not match with me. What I want to point out is, that we are all unique and we don't experience all the same. What you probably meant is the majority, not everyone in their 20. I know exactly what I want.

    • @Unit1 that's great! Wish we all knew/know what we want. I can honestly tell you that if you know what you, by all means go for it. You sound like a very mature minded individual. That's a total turn on to most woman ;-) Good luck friend.

    • Cheers for your very kind words @Queen_naki5 . I'm glad to see nice people with some intelligence. Take care! :)

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  • This could apply to guys too, we guys also have feelings and some do really want a relationship when young and breaking up can be tough for thm too.
    But I agree, you shouldn't cry, just move on, clearly they weren't for you, so instead of crying, look for the guy that truly wants you.

    • Most would be surprised, guys infact, myself go through the emotions too, yes it's very real

    • I agree completely I was just writing on my own experiences but i completely agree.

  • You know I'm an older guy, and I will tell you, not afraid cause I'm sure there are some guys just like me out there. I actually shed tears for one woman before, it was a bad rejection, all the many months of buildup and getting the signals then I acted on it and she crushed me bad and will not have anything to with me again to this day won't even say hello, I'm still trying to recover, it's been 4 months. Feels like I'm grieving over a family member

    • Been there done that at 22 bro. Been 7 months still in a deep depression.

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    • I have so many tips on how too ivercome depression if tou would like for me ti message you please respond.

    • Yes please.. this is a difficult situation, she has no idea

  • Not all guys want to toy with girls' feelings. Just like not all girls only want to have serious relationships.

    Claims like that muddy the debate.

  • Man I wish I played women when I was younger. My kid will be a heartbreaker. That's a given.

  • I don't actually understand why girls cry so much. I asked 2 of my classmates then and they said they don't really know. All they feel is just like crying "for no reason" tonight. Like hell.

  • It's not that easy as it sounds but yeah totally possible and pragmatic and positive.

  • Yeah must guys just want to screw around.

  • when i am paying for the dates and she is not paying that means i am not getting the love so i cry so now i became pussy. why? great you can do do but we can't.

  • I completely disagree. Women should defintely cry about men. Why? Because crying helps. Running away from sadness does nothing but keep it around and trying to force yourself not to "waste" tears is like going to a doctor and he hands you some medicine and you go no no I'll just not pay attention to it and move on. Cry. Cry and feel fucking sad. Don't necessarily dwell on exactly what's making you sad but just feel the sad and sit with the emotion. Depression exists for a reason. Saddness in general narrows our focus on our own emotional state and helps us kinda hyper focus on the things were sad about. Sadness much like anger and disgust are all simply different reactions to the introduction of something you don't enjoy in your life. And if done well sadness can help us come to grips with the unpleasant facts of the world. Sadness as actually a good experience and should be enjoyed not feared. Crying doesn't hurt. And things get much better shortly after. Now on two my second issue with this post. I remember high school. Guys are indeed just as serious about relationships as the girls in high school the difference is they're both still growing and growing in different ways. Girls in high school often tend to have an extremely unrealistic view on how smoothly relationships should work as well as at times an overly large sense of entitlement and occasionally they aren't aware of how self focus their ideals about relationships truly are. Guys on the other hand have a different set of insecurities or really it's the same set just expressed differently and it's expressed differently simply because of gender roles. But all in all don't worry about high school it's a place of a ton of growth and criticizing/stopping that growth isn't going to help much.

  • girls SHOULD SHED A RIVER OF TEARS cause they date azzholes that give them what they deserve. nice guys are boring huh? take your non-boring prize now... .

    • Someone is obviously bitter. Care to talk about it? It might make it better. We're here for you, man. (Note: I said 'talk' not 'rant'.)

    • @PhantomLights bitter is the women's passive aggressive answer out of stupidity, hatred of nice guys, and an overal cheap effort to mask their self destructive tendencies... .

  • There should also be an article on young guys to stop wasting their tears over girls... T_T

    • This article can applyto guys too. I wish i would of included that but unfortunately i did not.

What Girls Said 8

  • I cry everyday because of my current boyfriend i say to myself i shouldn't but sometimes its just tough cuz crying is the only thing we have to feel better cuz when u give so much in a relationship and dont receive the love that u expect its just upsetting.. ^^

    • I understand what your saying however a person who truly gives does not expect anything in return. Much like life, relationships are not fair and sometimes you give more than you get in the process. Its a hard thing to overcome but i feel like this process would be easier if girls were more self aware. If your able to see not what is just in front of you but also whats around you then you will be able to recognize the mistakes, accomplishments, and lessons learned in each different relationships that build you up instead of break you down.

  • Well I think crying is a good way of getting over it you need to show emotions in order to move on. I'm trying to learn that when I get in a relationship I shouldn't except much from young men now a days because most of them want to just have fun until they ready to settle down.

    • Exactly crying can be beneficial but if you hold that pain in will only continue to poison your life.

    • Obviously but if you cry to the point where you can't cry anymore you can move on.

  • I like that saying and love this take!
    You are totally right! 🏆

    • Thanks girl :)

  • Sometimes it's hard for a girl not to feel hurt especially if she was really into the guy. I am struggling through this now and it's making me not to want to love ever again. I'm to the point where I don't think it exists.

  • I wish I read this like a year ago

    • I know but at least you know it now. I would encourage you to take some time to learn about yourself if you still struggle with this. And if you would like to message me then just ask so i could provide some advice for you.

  • So true girl!

  • I thought i loved a dumb boy in high school and cried over him a lot... i cut myself over him... one day i finally got the courage to talk to him and he told me to go away... I'll never forget that day... my heart was shattered... i just don't think boys realize that girls have feelings...:( i cried a lot i know i shouldn't have then he made fun of me with his friends and i found out he doesn't like me later on... the worst part was i was in the same class as him... every day i had to see him and i felt like bursting into tears and killing myself... later on i met this amazing guy in the internet who loved everything about me and reminded me to smile cause i'm beautiful and strong bla bla bla i ended things with him now... don t want to go into detail further... just felt like sharing cause i am feeling suicidal...

    • message me!

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    • Thanks i'm feeling better now... i'm focusing on loving myself and doing the things i love... not boys... i'm glad i met both of them... one was a lesson and the other a blessing.., i'm very optimistic about these things now.. sure message me...

    • Talk to your closest girlfriend about it or you can pm me 😊 remember, things always get better. Just give yourself time.

  • Men can be assholes at any age


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