Signs Indicating You Are a Jumpoff

1. You show up unannounced one day. If he’s not happy to see you or worse, if he peeks through the window and doesn’t let you in, you’re a jumpoff.

2. He sends out subliminal messages via his facebook and twitter status. Quoting sweet hip hop lyrics and lines from Love Jones. You question him. He responds with something like: “I’m hurt that you would even question that. If you have to question it, then no those weren’t for you”

3. He asks your friend out to dinner. Then claims he didn’t know you and her were “cool like that.”

4. He only calls you to find out where you are and when you can come over.

Gogus olculeri

5. He took you out to dinner. That one time.

6. He doesn’t want you telling anyone about him and he damn sure hasn’t told a soul about YOU.

7. Try to cuddle with him. Get shut down. Squint. Tilt head to the right. “Hmm…”

8. When you start questioning the direction of this “relationship” y’all have, you’re being dramatic and over analytical.

9. The minute you bring up feelings and emotions, he cuts you off and claims that not only are you stressing him out but he can’t deal with all that mess....

10. When that time of the month rolls around, you have to check his twitter updates to see if he’s still alive.

11. If he has keeps having kids on you and not by you.

12. If he tells mutual friends/family members he is not with you.

13. If you only spend time together indoors where no one can see you.

14. Keeps coming in and out of your life like its a revolving door.

15. Every time you make plans to go out all hell breaks loose and he's a no show because: someone in his family dies, has to go the emergency room, his car breaks down, he get's pulled over etc.

16. Strangely enough he is available at any time after midnight.

17. When you call your conversations are short and to the point. He seems to have nothing to say unless you want to come over.

18. He keeps taking you to different apartments/houses. Conveniently no one is ever home and he knows where everything is.

19. You talk in his car for hours...but only in the car.

20. If it weren't for texting you would assume he was dead.

21. You probably only went on one date with him and it is somewhere farther from where you both live if that.

22. You "chill" with him often, watching DVD's and possibly cooking for him or ordering food every time you come over.

23. If you have your own place. He usually parks on the side of your building not in the front.

24. Calls you at 11:43 pm on a Wednesday and asks you "What you doin' for the rest of tonight?"

25. He doesn't answer his phone when it rings when he's with you.

26. It's normal for you to go for a week or more w/o hearing from him or knowing where he is.

27. Even if you have been "together" for some time, he asks you questions as though you've never met before:
Ex: Him how was your weekend?
You: Oh it was okay. I had classes most of Saturday.
Him: You're in school?

28. When confronted about his relationship status he never confirms or denies anything.

29. When asked about what he is looking for in a relationship or what kind of girl he is looking for he says something like "It could be anything"

30. If he has a girlfriend.
Signs Indicating You Are a Jumpoff
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Brendi87
    "If you only spend time together indoors where no one can see you."

    I dated a guy like that. One word: Loser. I don't wonder why girls don't want him anymore. He has nothing to offer.

    "Keeps coming in and out of your life like its a revolving door."

    You said that right. All the unemotional available men that were in my life aka scraps and you know scraps don't belong on the plate, they belong in the garbage.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ArtistBboy
    Great read Classy.

    @unsure -- Take a good look at your username, that word explains everything: "Unsure"... he was unsure of where his next relationship was going to come from. Basically saying that he was putting up with that behavior because he was afraid to move on. Be thankful that you weren't strung on for most of your life and that it was only a few months :).

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  • toulouse
    Wy would you be around someone who said he can't deal wig that mess? He is calling YOU a mess. hello...Dignity?

    Same thing for talking about anything with him saying you are being dramatic. That means he does not respect you. RESPECT anyone with that would now to leave this guy.Its common sense.,

    I am always shocked to see people put up with tis bull sh*t. Really ? You need a guide for how to respect yourself.. really.
  • unsure2009
    Why can't the guy just dump the girl? I was a total jumpoff and I don't get why he couldn't come out and dump me instead of stringing me along for months?
  • 38rakia38
    I'm only slightly a jump off.

    Like, 25% jumpoff.

    That's...really not cool actually...

    -tilts head to the side- hmmm....XD
  • suavaye
    lmao I just took notes on how to handle jumpoff. very insightful
  • Anikaj
    Very funny lol
  • SakuraOo
    I have been a jumpoff in the past :(
  • petagirl17
    Oh wow.. I'm a jumpoff