Why I Love Free Chat, Musings from a Busy Social Butterfly

In today's hectic world, we have to balance everything from work and kids, to school and our social lives, not to mention anything in-between! What are we to do when we don't have the time to go on those valuable outings with our kids, sit and study with our friends, or simply find time to chat with our coworkers in a casual environment?

Well, as an avid social butterfly myself, I can say I've been lucky enough to have discovered the wonders of free chat via instant messaging! Never before had I been able to experience such a convenient way to communicate with all the people that I know!

No matter what may be on my agenda, I always know I'm a mere click away from keeping up with the latest news from my schoolmates, co-workers, and my continually growing online network of pals. It feels as if I've finally joined the 21st century! Now, my cell phone and I no longer have to be attached at the hip, while I attempt to juggle my life among all the texting, emailing, and dealing with my home phone.

Even basic misunderstandings can be avoided easily, thanks to the benefit of these free chat applications. Since frequently using this recent instant messaging discovery I've made, I have seen many improvements in my social life, such as closer bonding with those friendly acquaintances, rapid-speed delivery of my best buddies latest happiness and heartbreaks, foolproof fun outing arrangements every weekend, my homework questions answered with ease whenever my classmates are online, not to mention my drastically lowered cell phone bill!

Additionally, the wait for email response from others has truly become a thing of the past. What could possibly be faster than having an important conversation in real-time? Nothing, that's what. Better yet, most of these free chat applications are, well FREE and available to set up quickly, easy to use without problems of any kind. Modern color themes, emotive smileys, and add-ons are also an extra bonus when the need to express oneself further may arise.

Another reason why I am addicted to instant messaging is the ability to receive fast message alerts to give notification when certain friends have returned to online status or when one of them has sent you a note to chat, while accessing a separate window online. I don't know how I ever lived without these free chat programs before, it is truly a revolution in communication. Let's go for a chat now!


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  • @monkey What chat services do you think are the best from a functionality vantage point?


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