Why We Love Social Networking Sites


"That’s going on Facebook!"

One of the most common quotes I hear from my friends...

...after something funny has been said, a picture has been taken, or a new hobby has been thought of. I’ll be the first to admit- we are addicted. I sit down to do homework- but first, I obviously have to check my Facebook AND my MySpace. Twenty minutes into my homework, I have to check them both again.

Social Networking Sites are taking over. Sure, they are a great way to “keep in touch with old friends,” like everyone says- but face it. We do so much more than that. Girls, you know you check your crush’s profile AT LEAST once a day… its unavoidable! Who is that girl writing all over his wall?! And WHY does his status still say single?

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Those social networking sites are designed for you to keep tabs on whoever you want. Those friends from high school you aren’t quite close enough to anymore to talk to, but you still want to know what they are doing- check their MySpace! The girl you secretly hate because you think she’s after your boyfriend- check her Facebook.

“Are those two still together? I heard they broke up. Check their Facebook!” It’s stalking made easy- but everyone loves it. It’s given girlfriends (and boyfriends) an excuse to be even crazier- everyone knows someone who logs into their mate’s page to make sure they aren’t doing anything bad.

Nothing’s official unless it’s on someone’s MySpace or Facebook page. Pictures of the party the night before will immediately be in a slide show on your MySpace or tagged on your Facebook. And nobody can deny their love for these websites. It’s unheard of to not have an account on AT LEAST one of these pages.

I’ve met guys at a bar on a Friday night, and checked my Facebook/MySpace the next morning with a friend request from them. Weird, but common. I had a friend request the other day on MySpace from a girl I had not spoken to in 11 years. There’s no excuse to not keep in touch with anybody anymore! You can find just about ANYBODY on the websites and that’s why it’s so fun.

College students are failing because of Facebook and MySpace. Homework is physically impossible to do when you have not checked your Facebook yet! Now there are other social networking sites being created, but I think these two will always be the biggest. It's a way to express yourself... and avoid school work at all costs!

Why We Love Social Networking Sites
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  • ArabianPwincess197
    Its a method of communication
  • Keyspirits
    It's for the lonely souls ;P