Major turn offs in the dating world for both men and women!


Major turn offs in the dating world for both men and women!

Major turn offs in the dating world for both men and women!

Dishonest People That Cannot Be Trusted and are Not Loyal

Nobody wants to date a person they cannot trust. This has got to be one of the biggest turn offs there is because any good relationship needs both the man and the woman to be honest, trustworthy and loyal. This has got to be the single most important thing for a healthy relationship between a man and a woman.

Sexist People

Both men and women hate sexist people. This means that if your a man and generalize all women with comments such as "All women are bitches" or you are a woman and generalize all men with comments such as "All men are pigs" the other gender will be massively turned off you. In this case it is only the sexist persons fault.

Racist People

People do not want to hear racism or even know racist people. Even if the person you want to date is not of the race you are judging it is still a turn off because it reflects a major flaw in your personality. Most people have no tolerance for racist people.

Bitter People

Bitter men are a complete deal breaker for women and bitter women are a complete deal breaker for men. Being bitter makes the other person think, "Oh gosh what am I getting myself into". People want to be around happy people not people that drain their energy. This therefore means being bitter is a total deal breaker.

Rude, nasty and mean people

Most men and women have been treated badly at some point in their life by someone of the opposite gender. Acting in a rude, nasty or mean way in the dating world is not tolerated and a total deal breaker. People that behave in this way end up single with no one wanting to date them.

People that think to highly of themselves

It is good to respect yourself but when a person thinks they are better than anyone else they will drive people away. This is because people also know the type of poor behavior that comes with someone that thinks to highly of themselves.

People that care only about materialistic things

This is also a major turn off. If someone thinks you are only dating them because of the car they drive or how many dollars they have in the bank they will keep their distance from you. Relationships should be about love and not about the number of dollars in the bank. A healthy relationship does not revolve around materialistic things.

These are the things you should avoid being if your a man wanting to attract women or a woman wanting to attract men and want to have a loving relationship like in the pictures below.

Major turn offs in the dating world for both men and women!

Major turn offs in the dating world for both men and women!

Major turn offs in the dating world for both men and women!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Espolare99
    This all true. I see too many women here making rude bitter sexist remarks about men and think its ok. Well its not. Treat others the way you want yo be.
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    • Applefan1

      Yes, I agree. I love the way you think.

Most Helpful Guy

  • MrCryptic
    Pretty good take. I like how you remained neutral on the issues instead of blaming one or the other. You hit the most major points also. Nice job.
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    • Applefan1

      Thank you mate. Pleased you liked it.

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  • BeautifulMind59
    Good job. Simple and straight to the point.
    The most significant basics. But I'm sure lots of people don't know or even understand these things, but they go around complaining about their "singleness"!
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    • Applefan1

      Thank you I am pleased you liked it and yes lots of people it seems don't know these basic things and then complain that they are single and blame the other gender. If a person is these things someone of the other gender is going to be turned off.

  • iamyourneighbor
    This is good. As someone mentioned before I like how you made your point come across without putting down a gender
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    • Applefan1

      Thank you, I am pleased you liked my take. Maybe the fact it is not generalising is also on of the reasons why GAG also like this take to. I see it as the truth there are shitty women in this world and there are shitty men.

  • lePoivre
    This sounds more like a list of people that no one generally wants to hang out with rather than a list of turn-ons and offs.
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    • Applefan1

      Well it is true no one would want to hang out with people like this but they are also turn offs in the dating world to. I focused on the dating world because some people act like this in the dating world and then ask why they do have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    • MeghanL

      If you wouldn't want to hang out with such a person chances are you would not want to date him/her either.

  • heartattack25
    This is so true. Only thing I would add is people who don't keep their word and who are emotionally unavailable. Also people who don't listen.
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    • I agree, I was expecting to see "people who don't listen" based on the picture of the guy plugging his ears...

  • Creole_Flavor
    These are all major turn offs for me and being too guarded. It's hard to move forward in a relationship when one or both people have their walls up and have no intention of letting them down its pointless and a waste of time.
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  • Johnyk
    Very much true. One more thing I would add -- the ugly laws surrounding marriage -- like divorce and dowry (it makes men reluctant to commit, and same time, women to think that men only want them as sex objects)
  • Yasmine_yasmine
    These are true but very basic. People dislike those with the traits you mentioned above whether they're in a relationship with them or not.
    • Applefan1

      They may seem basic to you or even me but the truth is some people are blind to these things and that is why I posted it. Yes people do not like this in anyone but I thought I would mention it regarding relationships because relationships are a big deal to many people.

  • bloodmountain1990
    Great take. I would also add baggage to that list. I guess it could fall under bitter people but I'm not sure
  • ClearlyCharisma
    So basically douche bags?
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    • Applefan1

      Yes but douche bag men and douche bag women.

  • PrettyRican
    That was a beautiful take 😊😊😊😊
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  • awesome_possum
    Lack of reciprocity.
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    • Applefan1

      I forgot to add that one. I guess there is heaps more I could have added but it would have made the mytake to long.

    • Very true

    • what do you mean?

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  • Dessertfox
    Wow my recent ex hit every one on this list lol
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    • Applefan1

      I guess that is the reason why she is your ex?

    • Dessertfox

      The whole list was there then she cheated on me and I started catching her in all of tees lies and that hit the list of trustworthy... Yup

    • Applefan1

      Oh ok sorry to hear that mate. What was her reaction when you dumped her?

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  • Ashely_Princess
    Great take my friend! :D
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  • V_Leeder
    thanks man
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  • atsizat
    Using cheap drugs
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  • Terrell456
    Basically nobody likes an ass.
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