Why you should date other races!

I want to share some fun facts, tips and advantages on interracial dating. I personally believe it should just be called 'dating' but anywho...

TIP: Do not assume that just because a person is from a certain culture or ethnic background that the person fits the stereotype of all people from that ethnicity. There is a great deal of diversity within a culture. Some people may "look" of a certain race or ethnicity but, may not identify with that specific group. When dating people of other races, just because you have a friend who is similar in culture or ethnicity, do not assume you know everything about his/her culture. Understanding the similarities and differences can help prevent misunderstandings.


Learning about another culture or religion

Why you should date other races!!

Being exposed to new ways of thinking.

Having an incredible new experience with someone you love and respect.

Possibly learning a new language.

It keeps things interesting.

Breaking stereotypes

When you date someone of a different race, it gives you and your partner opportunities to break negative stereotypes about your respective races. It also provides a counterexample to ignorant and hateful stereotypes, and helps others become more open-minded and accepting.

You should broaden your horizons

The only failed relationship is one where you don’t grow as a person. Even relationships that don’t last forever can and should be mutually beneficial. Being open to “other” kinds of women and men offers a broader perspective of the world, including how you see it and how it sees you. And that positions you to make choices about things in your relationships that really matter, because you have grown in self awareness.

It's a good strategy!

Finding someone special is always a numbers game, so some level of strategy will do you good. If you’re statistically more likely to meet someone more your speed by checking “other” on ethnicity, then that’s just a well-informed decision. Well-managed decisions tend to offer better outcomes. Time is also a factor and plenty of it is wasted on people who just aren’t good for you. That doesn’t mean that people of your own race aren’t good for you, but if you are limiting yourself based on race, you’re also limiting your chances to find happiness. More options equals more chances.

Variety is the spice of life!

We all need it. A break from the norm. A chance to try something different. Variety enriches all other factors in your life: the food you eat, the places you visit, the shoes on your feet and the hair on your head. Why wouldn’t injecting a little spice into your dating selections be just as beneficial? Lots of women and men fall into the “tried it, didn’t work” category when it comes to dating people of other races, but bad dates are inevitable no matter what race the other person is. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. You may just find your soulmate.

It's the 21st century

The economy, business and information infrastructure is global — and yet your dating pool is ultra-local. Now more than any time in the past, women are empowered with the benefit of choice. Exercise it! (This goes for men too).

I'm NOT saying that we should all exclude our own races and strictly date people of other races, that's just ridiculous. If you're smitten with someone the same race as you then by all means, go for it!!

I do think that times are changing and the "norm" should be done away with. Rules are meant to be broken, if your parents or grandparents forbid you to date someone outside of your race you should say screw it and do it anyway!!

We do everything else our parents tell us not to, we're all human beings so why carry on with flawed 'traditions'? Ask yourself, why is being with another human being who only looks different from me considered so unorthodox? A better question is why do you listen to people with that flawed way of thinking?

You can't help who you fall in love with and anything that gets in the way of true isn't love at all. If you're not part of the solution then you're apart of the problem.

The only thing we're sure of in this world is change. Things are always changing and changes in our lives can happen at any time. Sometimes change is good.


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  • Do it guys, totally worth it. This is coming from a guy who grew up in the south in a racist family. Benefits outweigh the cons, even when the family may not appreciate it. Lots of great surprises in store for those that venture outside of their race or culture.

    I've gone from being totally against it, to being curious about it, to doing it. It has changed my outlook on the world and on women in many ways. I'm now able to appreciate the beauty of all women, and it has enriched my life exponentially.


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  • I love this.

    • Those that argue with your point clearly are those who do not broaden their horizons like you mentioned.

    • Thank you! :)

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  • you're also inspiration for all those guys/girls who might want to try it but are afraid of the ridicule !

  • Why should we go out of our way to date another race? Date who you like, skin pigment is unimportant.

    • Obviously I did NOT mean people should only date other races and exclude their own. That's not the message I was trying to portray. I should have picked a different title cause it seems to be the only thing a lot of people are focused on. Thanks for your opinion. :)

  • I see nothing at all wrong with interracial dating/marriage. Sadly, all too many people do. You cannot help who you fall in love with. The heart wants what
    the heart wants. Although many people don't see things this way.

  • Great take.
    Personally outside of White girls I'm also interested in Latino, Asian and most recently Persian girls. However Black girls are just not my type. Never found them attractive even when they have the same body type of an attractive White girl.

    • I used to not be attracted to black girls. Then there were a couple that caught my eye and I dated them. Now, I find myself very attracted. May not happen the same for everyone, but that is what happend for me, and I'm glad it did. You're missing out.

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    • @asiag299 Aww thank you!! That's very sweet of you :). Nice to actually hear it from a strong black person herself. Keep up the good work and attitude. You're a very positive person too, that's good

  • I think people should date individuals and if they happen to be a different race than that's cool and if they aren't then that's also cool too. I don't think people should actively seek it out just like I don't think people should actively seek out people with the same skin color as themselves. I just think we should treat people as individuals.

    • Now, do you think it's fair to actively seek out a person of a particular culture due to interest or similarity/familiarity?

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    • @coconutelixir I kind of think everyone is an unknown when we are getting to know them regardless of race.

      When it comes to perspectives of beauty, I think a lot of us are taught what's beautiful growing up and even if we don't intend to be hateful or show prejudiced, we are all raised in a society that still puts a lot of emphasis based in the color of our skin and desirability based off of that. So no I don't think people are motivated by hate but I think we are all influenced by it whether we realize it or not. It could also be cultural stereotypes that we are influence by in the same way. People's beauty standards are diversifying more and more though so I think that's a step in the right direction. I remember there was a time when my beauty standards for women were more racially based but that changed as I explored new ideas, watched foreign films, and learned about different cultures (I love traveling). In the end I think beauty is pretty fluid and our tastes can really change.

    • O ya, every one of us is an unknown to the other, I meant the difference in culture adds another unknown on top of that. Speaking for myself, no one in my extended family has married outside the ethnicity. It wouldn’t be received well, and though they could warm up eventually, it would change things. I can’t imagine a life with someone not having the same relationship with my family. That kinda sacrifice and unknown puts me off even trying, so I don’t. If that pressure wasn’t there, I wouldn’t mind a person’s background. I guess for me, family and culture does not affect attraction, but it affects pursuing the attraction.
      Back to racial beauty, I am with you. I do notice the world is heading towards a more open-minded perspective. It’s nice. When you stop and think about it, it’s weird how much emphasis has been placed on this 1 feature (skin color) compared to all other features. For some, a person’s skin color can divert attention from their eyes, lips, hair, style, personality, etc

  • My wife won't approve it. I don't know why.

  • I have dated 2 latinas and 1 black girl. It's never been a problem for me. In fact, I think I prefer them.

  • Though I have no personal issue with interracial dating or interracial sex, I do think there's a certain cultural, social and maybe even a biological imperative for people of different races to actually have children within their own race (spanning from things like the child growing up culturally confused to things like social prejudice).

    I do find it interesting how white men and black women apparently have the lowest divorce rate in America, though. I'm genuinely curious why that is, it may just be because not many black women and white men get married to begin with so the statistics are lessened by default, but if there other reasons I'd love to know.

  • What a Horrible post.
    You should only date someone if your attracted to them. If you mesh with them in a way that will make your life happier and more fulfilled. You don't date someone that you are not attracted to just to "open yourself to new things". That is the worst possible reason to date anyone.
    I am attracted to white women. I don't have anything against others, I just don't find them sexually appealing. There is no way I would ever date them.
    honestly this take is wrong on so many levels it is just sad.

    • Obviously I did NOT mean people should only date other races and exclude their own. That's not the message I was trying to portray. I should have picked a different title cause it seems to be the only thing a lot of people are focused on.

  • Interracial dating is something that ignites my passion inside out.

    Being with someone else different and exotic to me just feels mystical.

    I love the attention and stares you get while strolling with your partner in public.

  • Learning about another religion does nothing if it proves to be a false one. Except let you know why those under it are broken in the ways they are.

    Learning another culture can be useful, but don't ever let them step on or disrespect yours. That's what I always hated about "multicultural" classes and events: I have to respect theirs, when I don't know it, when they're on my turf, but they can knowingly disrespect mine and disrespect me with impunity. That's wrong.

    Culture schmulture. If she has an acceptable personality, I can work with her. If she's a bitch, she's a bitch. Period. If he's a prick, don't tell me that "another culture" justifies it when that behavior is considered universally prickish.

    As for this "it's the 21st century" rhetoric: Right and wrong don't change, just because of a damn calendar.

    • So dating someone of a different race is inherently wrong? Why?

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    • @9mfeo Let me put it another way: I don't mind that they're a different color. But when they abuse me, I can't stand it when others who look the same as me go out of their way to make excuses for them, and act like it's "okay" that they abuse me, simply because they're "different." Abuse is wrong, period.

    • @ObscuredBeyond "Let me put it another way: I don't mind that they're a different color. But when they abuse me, I can't stand it when others who look the same as me go out of their way to make excuses for them, and act like it's "okay" that they abuse me, simply because they're "different." Abuse is wrong, period."

      I can understand that. You shouldn't have to take being mistreated by anyone of any race.

  • I don't understand why there's this sudden effort to push interracial dating as almost an imperative. Traditionally, black women and white men have not been attracted to one another. Black girls have thought "white boys" were unmasculine and unattractive, and white guys have considered black girls unfeminine and unattractive. Now, out of the blue, black girls want to date white guys? Doesn't make sense.

    I think the real issue is that black women are facing a shortage of black men to date. So many black men are either locked in prison or dating non-black women that the prospects of black women have become substantially diminished. This has necessitated the campaign by black women to convince non-black guys that they're interested and a good option.

    • Or, you know, there's no logical reason to date exclusively within your own race.

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    • @asiag299 No, I won't play the dozens with people on the internet. It seems petty and childish to me. I'm glad to have a real discussion about this, and I appreciate the fact that you took my views at face value without labeling me a racist just because I don't have a Kumbaya view of race relations.

      I am open to friendship with black people, but it always seems so strained. I watch football games on Saturdays with a bunch of guys at my college. We usually get together at 3 and have a watch party for 4 or 5 hours every other Saturday. There's one black guy who comes, and he always seems so uncomfortable around us. He's a nice guy, but you can just tell he feels out of place. That's why I think segregation still occurs. Black and white people just don't feel comfortable with one another. I'd say this is reason #1 why interracial dating isn't more common. We just don't have the commonality that makes for easy relationships, so we go where we're wanted.

    • I understand what you mean even now sometimes I get awkward around a huge group of white people and it's not because I'm racist. For awhile it's been seen as weird or taboo to have friends of other races without being seen as trying to act white or act black (seriously how can you act a color) It was just easier to hang out with people the same race as you. In this aspect I most definitely agree with you. Most of the time we don't feel comfortable around each other and do to our history it kind of makes sense. So you're probably right about that being a reason why it's less common for black and white people to be in interracial relationships with each other.

  • I`m not against interracial relationships. I have been involved time and time again with lovelies of the East Asian persuasion. My personal opinion is that you should love the person you love. After all, that`s a lot better than marrying a person you don`t love – or not marrying at all.

    However, there is one possibly thorny problem--what if the ratios of the couples are not equal or close to it?

    One unexpected effect of the growth of interracial marriage has been to increase resentment toward whites felt by black women and East Asian men. Black men are about 3 times more likely than black women to be romantically involved with white men. And corrpondingly, East Asian women were 3 times more likely than East Asian men to be paired with white women.

    Result: a fair number of lonely and annoyed black women and Asian men. And they, not white men or white women, are those most opposed to interracial relationships.

  • who are you to say 'should'?

  • I don't care about culture or religion.

    It would be disrespectful for me to date someone for "aren't i just the little stereotype breaker? Take that society!" reasons.

    It is possible to just be legitimately attracted (or not attracted) to one race, certain individual races, or every race.

    Doing it for social justice reasons is so tacky

    • I doubt most people do it for social justice.

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    • Thats true :/

    • @jjmarvin Obviously I did NOT mean people should only date other races and exclude their own. That's not the message I was trying to portray. I should have picked a different title cause it seems to be the only thing a lot of people are focused on. You're absolutely right tho. :)

  • Nice take, I support the idea :)

  • Am black dated a girl from peru But sadly things didn't work out since she lets her parents make all her choices for her. Her Parents decied to forced us apart she creid for weeks but accpeted it and blamed me for what happened. So tbh i really didn't learn anything That many good things from her... the bad out weighs the good. But i say i learned 4 good things from dating her 1. Never make your life all about your girlfriend 2. Never put your girlfriend needs before yours=give up joining the marines for her.. because thats what she wanted it was my dream But she become my new dream 3. Always be yourself and stand up for what you belive in 4. If you done all you can too get along with someone= her parents and all they do is juegue you then too bad for them. Am dating her would i like too earn their respected? yes But won't change who i am for anyone agin.

  • The only ' race' i see is the human race

    So, I disagree with this take

    • Technically then, you should support this take.

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    • Lol dude thats what the take is about.

    • So you see a person's ethnicity then right?

  • I'm all for it but it shouldn't be "why you SHOULD" One might choose to date interacially just because they like the person who happens to be another race, not because they want to learn about another culture or keep up with the times, that's dumb.

    • While you are right, in actual application (at least for me) dating outside of my race opened my eyes to a lot more women that I really never considered before. Of course, I did grow up pretty sheltered.

  • I am Asian American, but I do like Women of every race as long as they are Christian, because I have Christian beliefs. It's just my choice. Also even though I do like Women of every race as I mentioned above I usually prefer White, or Hispanic Women too. However remember that this is just only my opinion too. :).

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  • People should date whoever they are attracted to, regardless of race. Though I do think people should put the effort into getting to know people outside their own little bubbles, both platonically and romantically.

  • I've been on dates/slept with/kissed white guys, Asian guys and black guys. I'm totally into multiracial!

    I love the couple pictures in this <3

    • Have you noticed anything different between each of the different races?

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    • @QooLipBite The Asians were very outgoing, ambitious and ridiculously optimistic and positive. Usually very successful and drove expensive, nice cars. Quite forward though and hands on. Still nice company though.
      The black guy was very nice, had similar views, not all hands on or at all creepy. Very laid back and easy going. Relatively successful but happy with what he had. Respectful of me.
      White guys I've dated have been in low paid jobs, but usually have some kind of hobby they love and work hard for. Not fully respectful of women and quite confrontational/aggressive. Can sometimes be romantic.

      This is just my own person experience, not a generalisation - before someone comes in to attack.

    • Thanks for your answer :)

      Exceptional observation skills 😄

  • Awwwww!
    Sweet MyTake! =)

  • I thought about it many times. Yesterday our Biology/evolution teacher told us that the more a person is different from us, the more chances our offspring will be stronger...
    But other than that, I think it would be very fun and interesting to learn and be in touch with another culture! But there are obstacles as-well...

  • Here's how I see it: eventually, when most of the bitter racists die off (so like 50-100 years in the future), not being open to other cultures will be the unusual thing. You'll be ridiculed for holding on to an archaic idea like mayonnaise only goes with mayonnaise and boiled, unseasoned chicken breasts. Don't get caught on the wrong side of history, friends: be open to love, whatever culture it may come from.

    • But what happens when the opposition comes NOT from white men or women, but from Black Women and East Asian men, as it does now? (See my comment above, or is it below?)

    • @Curmudgeon as a mostly white person, I can only write from my own perspective.

  • Nice my take! Being mixed myself, I never had "identity issues" .. I always knew I was human, and not what my skin color is. I don't understand how people thing it's wrong or bad to date someone who isn't their "skin color" , sounds a bit ridiculous to me. At the end of the day... We all bleed the same color, and we are all human..

  • I understand and agree with some of what you said but we shouldn't have to be influenced to date someone of a different ethnicity or race.

    The #1 reason as well as only reason we should want to date someone of a different race is because we're into them and it just so happens that the color of their skin is different if that's so happens to be the case. If they're the same then that's fine too. We should be encouraging people to date or be with who they want regardless of their race.

    • That's one of the points I was getting at. If you like someone you shouldn't shoot down the idea of dating them just cause they're a different race.

  • I don't know why but I feel like black people with white people look sort of odd depending on their features. Like a really dark black person with a really pale white person looks somewhat bizarre. I don't know I guess it's the contrast. I don't feel that way though if it's a light black person with a tan/light white person, that looks a little better to me. But all the other kinds of interracial dating look fine, it's just that one pairing. And no I'm not racist lol, I'm a biracial person myself it's just a personal opinion.

    • I think the contrast is interesting and beautiful.

    • That's cool for you. In my personal opinion it's bizarre.

  • There's too much conflict that comes with that. If I brought home a non-white guy, it would not go over smoothly. Additonally i dont want any children i have to be confused about where they belong.
    Plus, I don't find non white guys attractive. Call me racist or whatever... doesn't change anything. And like someone else said, you are you to tell me I "should?"

    • who are you*

    • Obviously I did NOT mean people should only date other races and exclude their own. That's not the message I was trying to portray. I should have picked a different title cause it seems to be the only thing a lot of people are focused on. by the way, not all mixed people have identity issues. I'm surprised people are still using that excuse lol.

  • My boyfriend is Lebanese, I am Australian, and I can agree with all your points. Especially the first one. What's more is that I'm gradually picking up Arabic! Yay!

  • I think people should be more open minded about dating outside of their race when it comes to dating but I wouldn't say they should feel obliged to date other races.
    Personally race has no influence in dating for me, but being the only black student in my school I ended up dating a white guy.
    But I wouldn't go out of my way to date someone of a particular race, including my own.

  • Weather a person wants to date outside of their ethnic group is there business. Racism will still be alive and you can learn about other cultures without dating someone from hat culture.
    I think society worries to much about being politically correct. Yes, I am happy people are being more accepting of each other and respecting each other. However, that does not mean a person has to abandoned what they believe in or want.
    What makes the world so great is our differences and the beauty of our differences.

  • Stupid are those who:
    - stereotype
    - are afraid of doing it because they are afraid of the ridicule. Why should you sacrifice your happiness for what people might or might not think of you?

  • I personally would prefer to be with someone of my own culture or at least of the same religion (could be different race), because it's an important part of my life and would make it easier/ more peaceful/more relateable for now and long term BUT if I met someone amazing to me whom I had great chemistry with from a different race/culture/religion completely, I wouldn't automatically reject that.

    I'm all for people dating who they want. Do it for you and what matters most to you. I think it's okay to prefer your own so long as you don't sit there bad mouthing or barring others for doing otherwise.

  • I think it's great when people date others outside of their race. I'm white and have dated 2 black men. I didn't date them just because of their race of course but it broadened my horizons and let me experience a different culture.

  • It would be a disaster if they clash culturally. I understand why most would date only their own. Cultural differences can be a sensitive area to broach because it is in with their physical , ancestral heritage and
    emotional identity. Its a huge slap to their long term ego!

    • I mean, like, that's probably only really relevant if one is a fourth or fifth generation American and the other is a newly landed immigrant. If you're both from the same country and have similar immigration times, your cultural identity is going to be pretty much the same.

  • That cute little kid looks like a cabbage patch 😊
    I am not going to actively seek a specific race or races, just a great guy, the looks comes later.

  • i love interracial relationships! especially seeing the mixed kids! so cute!

  • I know its lovely for different races to join together its beautiful like all people are no matter what your race or religion x

  • i love that last picture

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